How long is it supposed to take? DMR-ES25

just hooked up my pana ES-25 to my cable and ive gone into the menu to set everything up and i did the channels and i guess it switched to set the time and now its been about 15min and it still says it processing…

is that stuck or is that how long these things take to do there set up process…

Generally, the time set can only be done from a broadcast PBS channel, cable won’t work. Just set it for manual time setting.

My Polaroid, Presidian (rebadged Funai) and Insignia (rebadged LG) all auto set the date and time from the PBS channel off of the Cable TV system. I just set the Presidian this week and it took all of 5 seconds to auto set.


The ES15 should do the same if not with one PBS station try another.

Depends on the specific cable system. Many do not re-transmit the date data.

I have a non-cable system at home (rabbit ears). So I have the same trouble with the PBS as you. I’ve given up on it.

Get your time here – adjust for your time zone: