How long is a joke?

Such an ambiguous question … but what’s the length of a joke …

4,205++ :wink:

pi * 1,6180 everybody knows that. :iagree:

My friend told me some crap joke today.

He got pissed off with me and attacked me afterwards 'coz I laughed at him before he started the joke.

I know a fantastic joke, it’s about a shark and hay who swimm in the sea but it isn’t funny in English :stuck_out_tongue: So i’m gonna tell him in Dutch :slight_smile:

Er zwemt een hooiberg in de zee…
Komt hij een haai tegen…
Zegt hij: Hooi haai
Zegt de haai: Haai Hooi

Whahahaahahahahhahahahaha :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahhha… good one Emmy! :bigsmile:

There a hay mount in the sea… swims He comes a shark against… He says: Hay shark says the shark: Shark hay :confused:

I’ve said you… it’s not funny in English :slight_smile:

About 6 feet long :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

You laughed, didn’t ya :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a good joke :wink:

plz translate anyway???

Die is geinig. :bigsmile:

@Emmy_Kus, How was snowboarding?
Did you find a new boyfriend?

Only for holding hands of course

I saw a program on humor yesterday and I think Emmys joke would get lost in translation, as most japanese jokes do too. Japanese find puns very funny. I voted for as long a a pun

Puns are fun. :iagree:

A guy comes at the bakery, the baker cleans it.

translated from Dutch so maybe the joke is ruined

No haven’t found a boyfriend… The guys in Austria are really ugly, you know :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: snowboarding went fantastic :bigsmile:

It’s 42 in length, breadth and width.

Haha ewww

You understand it? It didn’t get lost during translation, cool. :cool:

2 cows are sitting in a tree, playing cards. Then an egg fly’s along.
The egg asks: can I join playing cards.
The two cows reply … eggs can’t play cards.

Two moose are out flying when one of them gets a bun in his eye.
“You got a bun in your eye!” the other moose says
“You got a bun in your eye!!”
“Sorry I cant hear you, I have a bun in my eye!”

Same school as Namoh’s :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve got the same humour. :bow: :bow:

It’s blue and not heavy.

Light blue.