How long is a DVD writer supposed to last?



Recently a vendor told me a DVD writer usually lasts for about 1000/1100 burns, then it starts failing as a writer and becomes just a reader… I don’t see why should it be so. Is this true?

Anyway, does someone know what should be expected life of a burner like the Pioneer 107d? I just bought one of these and by the posts I’ve seen here it seems a reliable unit…



Between 1000 - 1500 burns seemed to be the lifespan of the early CD writers and this statistic has floated around for years. However, evidence is emerging that seems to indicate that DVD writers may be much more durable.

If you look at many of the standalone DVD recorders (which contain the same burners as PC-based models), many early adopters (myself included) are using units that have logged 2-3,000 hours of use and are still going strong.

Unless you get a dud out of the box, it’s likely that today’s burners will outlast your desire to upgrade to a newer model with better features/specs.


Well I may have got 300 burns with my old Sony DWU 10-A before it bit the dust, but that’s pretty much it.


well… that’s good to know. Thanks for your posts.

Anyone else has been using some unit for a long time?


Plextor 712A … three months , not that many burns … RIP