How long has your router lasted?

How long has your router lasted?

I’ve had this cheap NETGEAR WGR614v6 wireless router for 14-months so far…with NO problems. I thought the cheap thing would be dead by now.

3 yrs with Linksys Wireless WRT54G v. 2.0 Some problems but was user error :bigsmile:

Well, this NETGEAR hardware will never hit the 3-year mark / my word.

I have to keep mine on it’s side with a fan on it :rolleyes:

Be interesting how others are doing though. Probably some with hacked f/w :wink:

Had my D-Link DSL-G664T for 1,5 years and did a firmware update making it a ADSL2/ADSL2+ router, but after the update the modem would drop the DSL line randomly. I did a RMA on the device and had a brand new one delivered the next day with express. :clap:

It might not be the best device around, but for my needs it is more than enough.

Connected to the device I got:

[ul]1 Desktop PC’s connected via LAN
[li]3 Desktop Pc’s connected via WLAN
[/li][li]1 Laptop connected via WLAN
[/li][li]1 PSP connected via WLAN
[/li][li]1 PS2 connected via LAN
[/li][li]1 NAS Harddisk server connected via LAN
[/li][li]1 inkjet printer connected via LAN
[/li][*]1 Laser printer connected via WLAN[/ul]

I said lasted… :confused: Either I need more sleep or the router is giving off radiation.

If that’s the [B]lasted[/B] you’re referring to I’d say that is grammatically correct.

Linksys Wireless WRT54G v1.1, is what i have had for close to 5 years now no issues at all! :flower:
Luvs Jenni

Asus WL-500G Premum running OpenWRT, 320Gb WD USB-disk, ftp and Samba + QoS for 1 week and still going strong :slight_smile:
I love this little box.

Linksys died. Went to a Buffalo Air Station now for about 6 mon. Love it.

I have a Cyber Cafe here in Egypt and got Lucent CellPipe 50A that has been working 24/7 since November 2003 till now :bigsmile:

Linksys WRT54G had it for 3 years I think , never crashed though I never did a firmware upgrade
If u are not in a hurry with the router I would advise you to wait for the final N specs routers

I’ve got a ~10 yr old SMC Barricade, I still use it as a parallel port print server. It can even dial a modem (for back-up access) if I want it to…

I’ve had a TrendNet TW100-BRF114U for almost a year now.
when it works, it works great, it has a built in print server that I’ve been using the whole time, but every once in a while the router decides it wants to randomly drop teh connection, and its a pain to get it to reconnect.

Linksys Wireless WRT54G wireless G and I never had any problems whatsoever. I would buy another in a heartbeat if wireless N had not reared its head.:slight_smile: I have it for almost 2 years already.

I’m waiting for N.

I’ve got a Netgear wired router RT314 and I can’t remember when I got it. Except for the once a month reboot, it and the DSL modem have been on 24/7 for quite a long time.

D-Link DI-604 - 5 years and still going.

:cool: :cool:

I bought a Compusa brand for $2.99 after rebate. Didn"t think it would even work but it’s been on now 24/7 for a year without a even a reboot!

I’m still using my 3 year old D-link router