How Long Has AnyDvd Been Around

I am one of Fengtao’s Paid users and as some probably know he will not respond to emails for tech support and the forum is down again. I know some of the members over there are turning to AnyDVD and I may go that direction too. I’m a little reluctant to make new purchase without some history because I bought a customized bundle for $129.00. Products were working and support was usually fast until late Nov. With the possibility of no updates or support, I am exploring what to do when these products no longer work. I want to know how long this product has been around before making any purchases. Yes, I know there is a free trial, but there was also a 30 day trial on Fengtao’s software. Information appreciated, but my main interest is history of company and is server located where laws cannot shut it down. I do not regret buying Plantinum, but if I had know so of the history that I now find on the net I would have limited my purchase.


AnyDVD is headquarted on the island of Antigua which has liberal fair use laws, non-defined extradition laws and doesn’t take any shit from big countries, companies, or orgainizations. In other words, it is a nicely non-cooperative butch of islanders with a government to match. That is their edge in attracting business.

Here is AnyDVD’s History.
order here:
By the bundle price with CloneDVD included to save money.

Here is CloneDVD2’s History. There was an original CloneDVD version and then a later CloneDVD"2" release. Hence the two different history links:

You can’t go wrong with the combo deal! 21 day full version free trial. When you pay-up, they send you a key for both programs that unlocks the 21 day limitation. I’m sure you can find your way around this forum to find the answers to any other questions about functionality, quality or customer satisfaction.

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Don’t know if you are in the USA but with the “”“Patriot Act”"" in force I would assume “they” could not shut down the site on the Antigua end but any offshore site or international web trunk can be blocked by our great “Dept Of Homeland Security”, right? They can just call anything the don’t like terrorism by way of the loosely defined powers that “they” hold so dear for “protecting” us! Especially if certain large, well funded organizations spread a little graft around to key congressmen or gov’t officials.