How long does your DVD burner last?

Hi all,
I have a question. Just how many burns do you average from your DVD burner before it starts to die?
On my shelf I have a pioneer 105, a 107 and a 109, a Sony, and a Lite On that I cant remember the numbers of anymore, and an Asus 1604P. Now my older but less used Plextor 712 is starting to break up as well. :a
I mainly burn movies with mine, so that is what I use as a comparison. I seem to get an average of 400 DVDs per drive before they start to die on me. The usable speed drops from the max, to the min. Then the burn starts to pixalate, that is when I stop using them.
I was just wondering if this is normal? :confused:
Thanks for your time.

Welcome to the forum. Most of my burners last much longer than 400 burns. One poster who uses tons of burners seems to get 10,000 hours of on time. Maybe you should switch from Pioneer? I havr yet to see a death after about 2500 burns spread around 3-4 primary burners.

I would expect to see a shorter lifespan as drive prices drop. After all, how much quality can you build into a burner with probably $13 of parts.

Lite-On claim 70,000 hours (MTBF) for the SOHW-1673S.
Mind you, how much of that is actual burning time…?!

Thanks so much for your replies, they are truly appreciated. :slight_smile:
Like I said, I had almost the same exact results with the Lite-On, Asus, and Plextor as well. So I don’t think my problem is with the brands I am using. I just ordered a new Plextor 716A last night. I will keep a solid count on that one and see if and when it dies.
One thought though, would leaving a disk IN a DVD burner make it stay active, as opposed to leaving it empty? :confused:
I never thought about it before, but when (time in use) was mentioned, it made me think of it.
Thanks again.

If I had your problems with the variety of burners I would spring for a new power supply. Good ones are not too expensive and it might save you a lot of money spent on burners.

Plextor PX-716A, Power Calibration Errors in less than 8 months. Piece of shit…

I have owned a number of DVD burners, and put a fair amount of use on them. Maybe 100 to 200 disks burnt a month, spread across a number of burners. The only DVD burner that has died on me happened to be a Liteon 1213, which was more than a year old. I had retired it to use for quality scans, and it started reading poorly, and then stopped reading and started making loud screeching noises!

All in all, I think the average user will find his drive is obsolete before it fails. This is true for most users, for most computer equipment, not just optical drives.

I’ve only had one burner for about 2 years. Lite-On 811S. It’s burned 1000’s of disks at 4X and 2X.

But a friend had the same drive that died on him after six months. I guess it’s the luck of the draw.

I’m looking for a new burner now as I’m fed up with 2X.

What 16X burner would you recommend that good for Ritek dye?

Don’t use Ritek. Get the Liteon 1693S.

To Ash123:
I’d have to agree with chas039 on this one, don’t use Ritek. If you happen to have a large stock of ritek discs on hand, and need to use them, then it will depend on exactly which media you have. If you have Ritek G05 media, I would suggest a Pioneer drive, the 109 or 110.

I had a Liteon 811 quite a while ago. I exchanged it under warranty with Liteon twice, then finally gave up and gave away the drive.

Unless you really have a pile of those riteks, I would move on and buy new media along with a new drive. The drives and the media are really incredibly cheap these days…

Yeah, at £30 you can’t complain. When I bought that 811s it was £75.

I’ll get one this week. Thanks for the advice.

The reason why I use Ritek so much it that it is compatible with the XBOX.