How Long does Liteon Last

How long have you had your Liteon 5005 DVD Recorder without any problems?
I’ve had mine 3 weeks and made 3 DVD’s, some of the discs have jerky motions, when playback on the 4 hour mode.
Haven’t applied the hack. Wonder if I was too, if that would fix the problem?
Also alot of my own recorded VHS tapes comes up Protected Content when try to record to DVD’s.
Just wondering if I was to place a fan around the unit if that would prolong the life of the unit. I know it gets hot when using it.
Please if you have any info? Please post. I’ve got alittle over a month to decide if I want to keep this unit. I really like all the menus and the easability of the unit. But just wondering if it’d be worth it in the long run.

If you want durability, a Japanese machine such as the Panasonic ES10 at $180 (amazon) is probably a better bet. That said, my three 5005s have been without major problems for 8-12 months (other than some media problems that ALL recorders will experience).

The 50xx series is probably the only major recorder that can do the Macrovision hack and that should take care of your protected content problem but not the jerky motion. The latter is probably due to prolong recording (be yond 1-2hrs) and/or heating problem.

Beware some 50xx MAY have problems after the any firmware update, especially the drive firmware update (there are two firmwares for each recorder; read up on it).

Hey. I have my almost ayear…work fine…hacked MV afew time but I’m not recommended because the disc(dvd) you made will not play on other dvd player.If you have problem with you machine return it (hope you still have warranty) until you get it right( no jerky…play all kind of dics…ect)

Hi thrunner

Can you explain what the two firmware upgrades are? Where can I find both as Liteon only have one for the 5045.