How long does it take you to burn a full DVD?

Hi everyone, im new to this forum and would like to know how long it takes you to burn a full 4.7GB DVD?

It takes me 40 minutes and was wondering how i could make it quicker.

My Specification.

DELL Dimension 1100

2.8Ghz Celeron Processor
Intel Celeron Processor 335, 256k Level 2 Cache & 533Mhz Front Side Bus Speed

Dual Channel DDR memory running @ 400Mhz

160Gb Hard Disk
IDE 160Gb Hard Disk (7,200 Rpm) with 8Mb DataBurst Caching.

Sony D8022A Dual Layer DVD ± DVDRW (think thats the model no)

Im using Datawrite ‘Yellow’ 8x 4.7gb branded discs.

Im writing the ISO file with DVD Decrypter and the fastest rate i get is 2!

I have an external HDD where i store everything, so my PC’s HDD is almost empty.

PLEASE can someone advise me on how i can speed up bruning DVD’s



well that sounds about right, a way you can make it faster is by not creating iso images, this shaves off about 10 mins. Other than that there isnnt really a way of making it any faster, as it has to skim through the entire movie and transcode it.

With 8X media writing at the 8X speed, your system should write this ISO in slightly over 9 minutes (actual burn time).

Im writing the ISO file with DVD Decrypter and the fastest rate i get is 2!

This would suggest that your system is not optimized and an issue exist that is limiting the performance of your optical drive.

There could be several reasons for this.
It was not clear how the devices are configured on your IDE controllers. The burner should be placed on an IDE controller other than that on which the hard drive supplying the data is located. They should not be place on the same IDE controller as master and slave.

Make sure DMA is enabled on all devices, especially the burner, as performance at their rated specifications is dependent upon this. If DMA is not enabled then the device cannot perform at it’s rated speed and this limitation will surely extend the burn times.

If the data being burned is being delivered by the external hard drive then you should ensure that the data through put from the external device is maximized. Often external devices do not perform to rated specifications which limits the sped at which they deliver data to the burner, thus extending burn times.

Are we talking about the burning process only or copying an original DVD?

If it’s burning only, then 40 minutes is way too long. I always burn DVD’s at 16x on my NEC 3520 and it takes about 6 minutes.

My laptop has some kind of Combo drive in it, and according to the specifications it can burn at 8x. But I tried to burn a DVD on it once and it took about 30 minutes.
I guess Combo drives (especially laptop models) are ok for an occasional burn, but not for people who burn lots of stuff :wink:

thanks for your replys everyone. your help is extremely appreciated!!!

My dell pc has 2 Drives

DVD ROM - Which came with the PC
DVD RW DL ± SONY D8022A (Think thats right)

Regaring the iso files im bruning, they are stored on the INTERNAL hard drive, rest of my docs are in external Drive.

I checked the setting in the DEVICE MANAGER


Are these correct?

I would really like to reduce the time taken to burn the DVD’s if POSIBLE!



From your screen it seems that DMA is not enabled.

What IDE drivers do you have installed?

where would i find this information?

SORRY, but im a bit of a newbie at this

PLEASE bear with me


From the image you posted it should be microsoft IDE drivers, and this is good.

Some mainboard require that DMA must be enabled also in BIOS. Check it :slight_smile:

Celeron processeors are not very good at encoding/transcording. the best processor is a P4 then Athlon but not by much.

Just make sure you have nothing running in the background like a firewall or antivirus. If you go to RUN type in msconfig and click on startup a list of all the programmes that start when you press the power switch on will be there.

For a full list of what is running on your computer type in services.msc this will show you what you have running right now.

Word of caution dont touch if you dont know what you are doing.

Here is a small list of what takes the most out of your system

  1. Themes, screensavers
  2. System restore
  3. Remote assistance
  4. Help and support
  5. built in firewall (microsofts)
  6. Automatic updates
  7. antivirus programmes and Firewalls

I hope this helps :wink:

p.s Buy another 512mb ram so you have 1024mb you will notice quite a jump in performance.

My other PC is a Celly…thank God 7) is the only thing out of that lot I choose to run…and even then, I shut down the anti-virus software whilst doing stuff like that :bigsmile:

Encoding etc is still fairly fast on it, though…not so slow that I worry about it.

(I knew Geno would be among the first to answer the original question :wink: )

I do the same as you Arachne 1-6 is always off. 7) I turn off when Encoding/transcoding. Also under performance settings (visual settings)everything is unticked.

Ah yeah, that’s something I always forget takes up resources! :iagree:

thanks for your help, going to check BIOS to see if DMA is enabled and have ordered 512MB DDR from Crucial.

I have NO themes running or Antivirus. It baffles me how people can burn a full DVD in under HALF the time i can. Fingers crossed the extra memory helps.

If anyone can think of anything else i can do, please let me know.

I appreciate your time and opinions!


A couple of other things you can do

  1. check for viruses
  2. check for spyware/adaware etc…
  3. do a disk clean up
  4. defrag your HDD
  5. use a registry cleaner (but be carefull what you delete)

All the above can slow down your system.

i have a p4 1.4 with 768 ram - processor load is very low when burning. burns full dvd in 6-10 minutes depending on settings (NEC 3550A i think)

DMA is probably the only thing holding it back - is the hard drive and the dvd burner on the same cable?

//moving to hardware forum

OK, i have managed to open the case of the PC. There seems to be a cabe going from my hard drive to the motherboard, then there is another cable from the motherboard to the primary and slave cd drives

My dvd bruner is the SLAVE is that makes any difference.

Id that why it takes me 40 min + to burn a full dvd?



To see more details regarding your configuration, can you use nero infotool? You can download it from here. Don’t worry: it’s free, don’t require installation, and don’t need nero to be installed to work.

After running it, please post log here :slight_smile:


That’s okay.

Id that why it takes me 40 min + to burn a full dvd?
No. Your problem is, that DMA is not enabled for that drive. Start device manager, find your IDE busmaster controller entry, and remove it (using “uninstall” from context menu). Reboot. Windows will reinstall the drivers automagically. After that, check, if DMA is enabled for all your drives. Before doing so, you may check, if the cables are installed properly, your case is already open.


i want to THANK EVERYONE here for putting up with me!!! I managed to get the problem fixed and burned a FULL 4.7GB DVD in 7min!!!

The problem was located in the bios, the secondary Slave device was set to off! I set it to AUTO and it worked!!!

Everyone here is a CREDIT to CD FREAKS!

Once again THANKS


You’re welcome :slight_smile: