How long does it take you to backup a full length dvd?

I just got my NEC 3520A and have been making a few backups. The problem is, this is taking a super long time. For instance, The Incredibles took almost 3 hours to analize, encode and burn. To me this seems like a really long time. Here is my setup

AMD Athlon 1.9+
1 gig ram
250GB HD
NEC-3520A Burner
Sony 8x DVD+R (Made In Japan)

I have it set up so the original goes in the rom, the blank in the burner, then I just leave and come back. Granted, I know it will take a little longer than normal because I have DVD Shrink set to Deep Analysis. It looks like the vast majority of the time is chewed up in the analysis and the encoding. Burning is pretty fast after everything is said and done.

I am just curious if it is normally suppose to take this long or if there is some setting I over-looked that will help speed this up a bit.

Thank you!

I wouldn’t use deep analysis cause I don’t see any improvement.

For an average 2 hr movie with 20% compression, my 600MHz PIII and AnyDVD/Nero Recode can complete the task in about 28 minutes. The time drops to about 12 minutes without compression. I use the NEC 3500 to read and write. We’re talking about 48 minutes if I use Shrink alone.

Add another 6 to 14 min to write the data to the DVD (depend on the burn speed).

That’s probably why.

Takes me anywhere from 12 for a SL source to 20-30 minutes for DL. 16x burn on a P4 3.0Ghz, 2GB RAM. CloneDVD/AnyDVD.

I thought I read that DVD Decrypter was a faster ripper, so I usually rip with it then DVDShrink and then burn.

Not too far out of line considering your specs. Are you using AEC? I wouldn’t bother unless the movie is quite long, then I’d go AEC/Max Smooth. As for Deep Analysis, well, it’s kinda like doing an extra pass with an encoder, trouble is, DVDShrink is a transcoder. The idea is to let Shrink have a first look to find where it can compress most efficiently while losing minimal quality. Helps a little, no doubt.

With times like that, why not try DVDRebuilder, start it when you go to bed. I can do a 2 hr. movie in about 3 hrs. with my comp (2.6 GHz). That’s with CCE, 2-pass. QuEnc (free) would take at least 4 hrs., not sure, haven’t fooled with it lately.

DVDShrink is a great program, I still use it to reauthor movies, no compression, before feeding it to DVDRebuilder. I don’t use it anymore to compress. It does a damn fine job, and at modest compression it’s a good choice. (Since I’m not backing up movies at the rate some of you do, I don’t mind letting DVDRebuilder run overnight). I do question the utility of using DA when the elapsed time approaches the time DVDRebuilder needs.

JMHO :wink:

I guess I live on the edge :slight_smile:
I just did a backup of Harry Potter 2 (Chamber of Secrets). The DVD is authored as one big VOB, so I had to use VobBlanker to removes the extra cells and the Spanish menus. It is Wide Screen 161 minutes movie. In DVD Shrink it was compression to 61%. Without any deep analysis or enhancement, it took about 1 hour on my 1Ghz Celeron, ATA33 IDE while I was doing some light browsing :slight_smile:
And because I am not going to actively look for flaws, it is “perect”. hehehe

Thats dependent on your CPU speed, not the burner. With a Celeron-D overclocked to 3.6Ghz I get DVD-Shrink to do a backup of a DL DVD in about 1-1.5 hours including analyze and deep analysis.

Using Nero Recodes burn at once option about 12 minutes (thats the recode and burn not including the rip)

AnyDVD and CloneDVD is fast if you have 2 drives. One to read and one to burn. Just choose the files on the Original DVD. Rip and encode on the fly. No need rip the files to your HD first.

use a dvd rom then 3520 and it takes me usually 18(average) minutes total.

my computer takes 90 min to backup DVD with DVDshrink deep analyse
P4 3.0GHz, 512 MB ram, 120 GB SATA HD

Using DVD Shrink for the S/L will take (10 t0 15 min for ripping + ave 8 min for burning 8X disk) total 18-25 min max. For D/L 20 to 25 min for ripping and 7 to 10 min for burning, total 30 to 35 min. But notice these depend to the type disk you are trying to copy, the resolution of the DVD movie, it completely varies from movie to movie.

1 hour,
20 min to rip, 30 minutes to shrink, 10 minutes to make a dvd.
total 1 hour on a pentium M 1.7 with 1 gig mem and a liteon1633sx.

I’ve been using DVD Shrink v3.2 in conjunction with AnyDVD (For the newer protection schemes out there) for some time now and just love it. I don’t have a need for Deep Analysis (sp? Brain isn’t working right now…). DVD Shrink seems to rely on how fragmented the hard drives are and how well the DVD-Rom drive can read the disc you are ripping. If a disc is in good shape even with 60% compression on it I can run at full blast and get a full disc down to ISO format in about 10-12 minutes. Then I burn the ISO with CloneDVD or Nero and that takes another 8-10 minutes or so depending on which burner I use and which media. :slight_smile:

Using DVD Shrink 3.0 Beta 5(the best version imo)…

1-2 minutes

Using DVD Shrink 3.0 Beta 5(the best version imo)…

1-2 minutes- “open disc”
14-25 minutes -varies depending on size and compression/re-author and backup
6 minutes - burn using Nero and 16x DVD

I think you are CPU bottlenecked. My Athlon XP 2400+ needs about 45 minutes to deep analyse and another hour to encode a dual layer DVD-Video. My Athlon 64 at 2.4 GHz takes about 20 and 25 minutes. I think the particular job is more suitable to Intel CPUs.

Braxas Wrote:
I can run at full blast and get a full disc down to ISO format in about 10-12 minutes. Then I burn the ISO with CloneDVD or Nero and that takes another 8-10 minutes or so depending on which burner I use and which media.

Unless you talking about S/L DVD Video Disk your figure of 10-12 minutes for ripping, shrinking and ecoding a full disk is unrealistic for D/L. As every one else says on average this process for D/L takes 20-35 minutes depending on other factors and takes 6.30 - 15 minutes to burn depending on speed of disk being used.

Man, I am really wondering what is going on with this setup then. I have a faster machine than a few people up above and I this takes forever on my machine.

1-2 minutes for the quick analysis
30-60 minutes for the deep analysis
60-90 minutes for DVD Shrink to re-encode and shrink the movie down(ie every one I have done is a dual layer disc master going to a single layer dvd+R)
15 minutes to burn(i am being cautious and only using 4x buring)

The fastest I have ever completed one is 1 hr 45 minutes. The slowest has been 3 hrs 30 minutes.

I have to look further into this, because this is taking way too long.