How long does it take for your Benq to recognize a disc?

My Benq 1650 takes, in average, 15-16 s to recognize a DVD from the moment when the tray is completely closed. Some discs even need 20 seconds to be recognized. CD’s take few seconds less, but 5-6s longer than my Liteon CD-RW. Apart from that the drive reads discs normally. I don’t know if it is normal and if it is a first sign of a malfunction that will develope in time.
How long does it take for your 1650/55 or 1640?

In my BenQ for discs in perfect condition around 8-10 seconds, scratched discs a little longer, say, 15-20 seconds.

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From this it looks like 30 seconds for some discs is not unusual depending on condition.

As long as the disc is reading fine then it would be personally for me ok. However i’ve just tested mine but it doesn’t need 16 secs. to recognize it. Max. with my drive is up to a few seconds, but i wouldn’t worry too much about that like i said as long as the disc is reading ok.
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I just tried sticking in a burned dvd in my BenQ 1655, took about 13 s to read.