How long does burning 4.7 GB DVD+R at 8X take usually?

i just bought a plextor712A and i burned my first DVD few days ago.
It used a Princo DVD-R 4X and burned 4.35 GB in 30 min.
Is it normal?

Wath results should i expect using a DVD+R 8X ?

Thanks a lot

sounds like 2,4

8x is around 8-10 min. :wink:

Plextor 712a
4x = ~15mins
8x = 7:30 - 7:55 mins
12x = 6:14 - 6:40 mins.

712a minimum speed is 4x. Sounds like DMA problem. Visit Plextor forum.

Doesn’t it depend on DVD+R or -R ?
I hope my Plextor is good.
What can i do to fix this problem ? How could i know where is the problem?

Princo is crap. Sorry but that’s just the way it is. You’re using DVD-R media and it has been burned at 2x. Have you checked your drive buffer when burning the discs? If it’s fluctuating a lot then it might indicate a DMA problem as zevia already mentioned. If your buffer was stable then your Plextor just burned the disc at 2x. It wouldn’t surprise me as Princo is about the worst media you can get and many drives cannot record these discs reliably or at high speeds (and if they did write it, your disc would be unreadable within a month or so). I think it would be best to use some other media like RICOHJPN, TAIYO YUDEN, VERBATIM or similar brands. Then you’ll have far better results. Afaik, the maximum Plextor PX-712A recording speed for DVD-R is 8x.

Hei i totally agree with you i know Princo is a bad brand, i’m not discovering this just now.
Anyway i bought first DVD-R i could just to test.
Before i get good brand media ordered, it will take a while and i’m quite impatient to know why i got a such result!
Prico dvd-r i used was certified 4x. I don’t know if it’s only nominally or for real.

If i remember well there weren’t buffer fall during process burning. Maybe just one near the end of process.I have to ad i used burner with its original firmaware.

It sound strange to me a matter about brands for Plextor, cause usually this drives burn also stones…


Anyway i’ll try with TDK ricohjpn later and let you know

Thanks guys.
See you later,

Hi there, i just bought a Medion Lightscribe and it takes over 4 hours to burn a 4.7 DVD+R. Sounds a bit cray. Does anyone know why this is. i checked all the settings in the application but everything seems set ok.

Thanks for your help…Paul. :bow:

Medion = All kinds of B-, C-, D- and Z-grade media.
Try again with some better media like Verbatim.

Thanks Evilboy, the software says “in progress” and has a time scale of 4 hours or so. Is this normal? Is it really that dependent on the media quality? Cheers again.

Hi, welcome :slight_smile:

You could try checking your DMA settings. Might help, 4 hours is a long time!

This is not normal at all. But some burners will not like cheaper or low quality media and burn them only at a slow speed or with bad quality, while others can cope with it. It depends on both burner and media.

Cheers, I’ll give it another go with better quality discs. P.

Paul, are you sure it takes 4 hours to burn your DVD?

There are many programs that let you copy a DVD Video by re-encoding, transcoding or “shrinking” a movie, and only a small part of the total time is actual burning time - the rest is used for compressing the video content.