How long does a burnt DVD last approx?

Just kind of curious how long a burnt DVD would last before the dye starts to separate and it becomes unreadable. Of course I know the type of media and the storage conditions play an important role, but lets just say your average decent quality media (i.e. Ritek G04’s) stored in a CD case.

Also is there certain media that is known for lasting alot longer than others??

normal pressed CD’s (and maybe dvd’s) are said to last 100 year.
burned media will last much much less, few years? how much exactly i don’t know.

the first CD i have burned in august 1999 is still in perfect health (all data readable).

but i heard on this board that Princo media last only few months (:rolleyes:) then start degrading.

I seem to be having better luck than most with Princo media…
Here is a 1x Princo disc recorded Jan. 3, '03 on my Toshiba SD-R5002:
Scans performed on July 22, '04.

Here is an “official” study:

Longevity of CD-Media
Research at the Library of Congress

by Basil Manns and Chandru J. Shahani
Library of Congress, Washington DC, September 2003

[-> Download (pdf-file)]( of CD

If you’re looking for the best, go with Taiyo Yuden media.

Thx for the replies :slight_smile:

i’ve been navigatin verbatim website and found this interesting page:

documents about tests on how long should verbatim media last, DVD+R pass 100 years easily…

My original CD-R’s which are about 8 years old still work fine to this day.

They were super slow, having to be nurned at only 1X but they worked well & have held up over the years!

[QUOTE=jexx]Just kind of curious how long a burnt DVD would last before the dye starts to separate and it becomes unreadable. …QUOTE]

If we talk about write once media it should last some years. However, be careful with RW media since it will lose all data within about 6 month (cd goes blank) when not refreshed/overwritten periodically.

if you see the link i posted on verbatim website, they say what DVD+R last at least 100 year, and DVD+RW 50 years…

Well I just posted my experience with RW media…

The simple answer is:

For most good media like ritek, verbatim, TY etc, it will last you longer than you probably need it to :wink:

Well, I am using Mitsubishi media on two different burners - if this happens to you dont complain I didnt say :iagree:

I happen to aggree with Bronco04 on RW media. I would not trust it too long and keep it out of strong sunlight and heat. As for good media I would think MXLRG01, MXLRG02 = Maxell -®, TYG01, TYG02 = Taiyo Yuden = (-R)(+R), MCC, Mitsubishi Chemicals = (-R) but not ritek or verbatim. This just my experience, of course.