How long does a burner last?

Hey guys, I’ve been wondering how long does a drive last. I have been using my GAS-4163B for tones and tones of burns. When will you start to see some kind of deterioration (excuse the spelling) of the write quality.

I bought it from best buy on sale 79 bucks Canadian. I buy the three year “service Plan” that covers if you item does not preform the same after a few years because of wear and tear. they do over the counter exchange for item of equivalent or the next best one if not available.

It also came in handy after my first 2 burnes died after 2 months, they changed it no problems.

I’m waiting for the DW-1625 to be discontinued so I can bring in my BenQ 1620 and maybe get a 1640 or something like that :slight_smile:

You can find a recent discussion about this topic in the A106 firmware thread.
I had already written my 4163B off (luckily, I also have a 5163D) because the burns were getting terrible. By lubricating the rails along which the laser head moves, I managed to restore it to factory condition (at least, the quality scores of my scans are the same as then). There is a link to the message describing how the lubrication works, and a couple of error scans to show the difference it makes.