How long do your rips take?

I recently built a new computer and was having major trouble with DVD FAB with the new version but did some searching and followed the clean uninstall proceedure and now am back up and running. But, the rip just doesn’t seem as fast as it used to

I’m ripping a DL encrypted DVD at about 2.65 MB/s using a Plextor PX-760A drive, it takes about 45 minutes. Does this seem about right to you guys?

Your Plextor PX-760A is ripping DVD Video discs at 2x CLV by default.

With Plextools you can enable “SpeedRead” to increase ripping speed to 5-12x CAV. The drive will remember this setting until changed.

If you don’t have PlexTools, you can download the free PlexTools Professional LE here.

The same thing can also be accomplished using a trick where you press the eject button for several (three?) seconds which will enable SpeedRead for the next disc you insert only IIRC.

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Dude, you ROCK!

Thanks so much for that advice, just tried the eject button trick and am now ripping at 7x or better!

Excellent! :slight_smile: