How long do you expect CDs to last vs. DVDs?

Why would you expect CDs to be replaced so quickly/slowly?

I think you need to be a bit more specific about what you want to know. Are you talking about the format or the life of the media?

Sorry for the ambiguity - I was talking about the format.

i don’t see cds getting replaced by dvds anytime soon. music is still primarily distributed on cds, so until i see audio dvds being sold on a widescale basis, i don’t think dvds will replace cds. i think they’ll both coexist for some time.

CD’s will be around for as long as all the current 'puters with CDROM’s are around. They’re also the perfect size for software, which is why you never see software on DVD.

i’ve seen some software suites on dvds before, which makes it more convenient since u don’t have to keep swapping cds. most software and games only require one cd, but i’m sure that in the near future that anything that requires multiple cds will get placed onto dvds as well.