How long did your LCD / TFT Monitor last?

Over the last 5 years or so, I’ve went through an 18" LG (just over a year), a 17" Packard Bell (dodgy from the beginning, died after minimal use) and my 1 year old Iiyama 19" works on DVI only for some time now (D-Sub has a green hue which can’t be corrected). Last week, a 1-1/2 year old 17" Philips at my sister’s decided to show the right half of the screen in red (while the left half is still perfect).

So what are your experiences? :slight_smile:

My experiences:

I had a Samsung 17" LCD that i used for 3 years and sold it. It’s still running as far as i know. Never heard anything bad from the person i sold it to.

I have a Samsung 19" WS LCD now since last November and is still running fine.

I have had an hp pavilion f1903 for 2 years now and it’s fine.

Samsung 712n 3years, still like new!
Samsung 914 19in 2years, still like new!
Another 19in Samsung (it’s upstairs so I don’t know the model #) 6 months old and still work perfect.
Not a single dead pixel on any of them either! :slight_smile:

Had my LG L1717S 17" for a year this month, no problems yet, it’s working nicely :slight_smile:

I’ve had a Dell Ultrasharp 1907FP (with the Samsung panel) for about a year now I think, still going strong.

My Samsung SyncMaster 940BF has been working flawlessly for a year now :slight_smile:

Medion 19in working fine after one year.

I have an ancient 2001 made Philips LCD that was operated for four years around 8 hours every day. Now it is connected to my backup computer that i use approx. once a month. Last time i checked it was still working.
My second Philips LCD was bought in October 2005, works flawlessly.

To the OP: can’t be that your LCD’s are connected to a faulty socket or graphics card that is killing them ?

my hp f50 now going on 6 years; my CTX now going on 4 years.

Wow, you’re all doing pretty well here :slight_smile: . I was starting to think that 1-2 years was a good average for these things :doh: .

@[B]molnart[/B] - only the LG and iiyama were on my main PC (Matrox G550, not overclocked). I’ve switched to a GeForce recently because of an incompatibility with the matrox and iiyama on DVI (tried two matrox cards and different cables, still the same problem with flickering pixels). I do still have an old 3dfx Voodoo3 which I don’t trust any more after a CRT died prematurely on a mildly overclocked PentiumII (66>75MHz FSB) system.

All the LCD monitors from 14-inch to 23-inch and LCD-based notebooks I’ve bought are still working well. There are more than ten.

You do know that you shouldn’t clean them in the bath?

i’ve had my viewsonic for 4 years, and my sceptres for about a year

never had a problem with any of them

when you hear lcd horror stories, make sure they’re not talking about LAPTOP screens, which are a completely different story.

My Hyundai is doing fine I guess for about a year now. Not realy sure I didn’t even know they sold monitors untill I bought this one. It may be making my eyes bad though.