How long can a CDR last?

I have a bunch of old (not more than 4 months) blank cdr .

I tried writing on them - but they wont write at rated speed of 32x - the motor inside the drive keeps on spining but nothing happends.

I dropped the speed to 24, 16, 8 but still no success.

Finally the drive was able to write at 4x.

I tried a different brand that i had bought along with it - they wont write anything above 8X.

I tried on a cdr that was almost a year old !!! it did write - but when i tried to read the contents - drive was not able to read from it…

can anyone explain why this is happening - chemical change… :confused:

Well, do the new CD-Rs you buy burn properly ?:confused:

Well, do the new CD-Rs you buy burn properly ?


just made 2 sony backups @ 32x without any problems :smiley:

the old ones that worked at

4x - MMORE

they were hardly 4 months old.

anyone else facing similar problem ??

never faced such a problem.

Try burning the old ones on someone else’s burner.