How long.......burning


I tried backing-up FIFA2002 on my plextor 16/10/40A. But the burner was after 1,5 hour still at 6% of the burning process. Can anyone tell how long, when the burning process goes well, it takes to back-up a copy protected disc??



Are we talking about the reading or the writing process here?

If it’s the reading process: well maybe you didn’t enable the Fast Error Skip setting. SafeDisc 2 has many error sectors to slow down the reading process.

If it’s the writing process: it would take about 5 minutes to write the whole CD. So 1,5 hours would be way too long.

Please give us some more info!

[i]Ps. If you’re backing-up FIFA 2002 from an original disc or a protected back-up you won’t get a good copy with your Plextor since this model cannot handle SafeDisc 2…

Ps2. For more info on SafeDisc 2 check here. [/i]

I think i know wat i did wrong. I did a 1 on 1 copie. But first you have to make an image, i think, and than burn.

But is was talking about the reading…

Originally posted by Judy25476
But first you have to make an image, i think, and than burn.
Usually this is indeed the best way to do it. When you want to make a copy of an unprotected disc you can use ‘on-the-fly’ like you did this time. Please remember to enable the Fast Error Skip option to speed up the reading significantly!