How long before I'd know im being sued for copyright infringement



I recently was informed that my info was being sent to a companies attornies due to sharing some picture files being shared on a web forum. Sorry this is so long but It was a very weird situation. This company sells adult pictures and people were sharing them on a forum. Anyway I was caught by this company because I was stupidly using my same account name and password that i’d used on their site in the past…very, very stupid I know but I really didnt think it was a big deal to share them I guess. Anyway they took over my account on the forum by using my info they had from their site…dont know if thats legal or not. Didnt tell me they did it either. I was confused and thought I was suspended or banned from the site or perhaps even forgot my password. I tried to get it reset but my email address no longer existed on the forums site. I tried to email the admin but no response. So anyway I made another account and asked if anyone knew what happened. No one said anything about it. Meanwhile the file sharing was still going on. I figured it must be fine and I messed up my account somehow. So I continue downloading and then my rapidshare is taken over by the company by using that same password I assume. This time where my name normally would be to sign on the companies name was. So now im freaking out of course and stop sharing. I shared 3 portfolios and downloaded a few more. Has anyone ever been sued for sharing photos like this? I noticed my old account had someone signed on so I private messaged it and just put test. I got a response the next day stating that they’d sent my info to their attornys and it would be best for me that the forum thread ended. They said my name on it also so I know im busted. I apologized and said Id see what I could do but I didnt start thread so I dont know if I can actually end or delete it.

I honestly have never shared stuff online before, ive downloaded but not uploaded. Id already deleted everything Id had on there anyway but deleted all my posts and asked the admin to delete thread even though I didnt start it or anything like that. It had been on there for over a year actually and I hadnt even been on it till recently. Sorry this is so long but im freaking out! I have not heard anything since this and its been a week. How worried should I be. I keep searching online but there is no info about this kind of situation. Just IP notices or whatever they are called or cease and desist letters which I havent recieved. Everyone has been telling me it was just them scaring me to stop and as long as I do I should be fine, its a small company so its not worth their time to pursue this. I hope so. I feel so bad about it. Do you think im going to be sued or worse go to jail or something? How long should it take for me to find out? Like if I dont hear anything in a certain amount of time I should feel like im OK and just got a warning? Serious replys only please because I am really freaking out. Ive been sick from the stress even!



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you need [I]professional [/I]legal advice. Contact a lawyer who is experienced in internet issues.



well, for limewire… you’re safe. during any type of mp3 download infringement. you shouldn’t download any type of fair4use, that always gets people into trouble if they have windows xp because fair4use only allows that type. so, please don’t download illegal period.


[QUOTE=mciahel;2525296]Hi and Welcome!

you need [I]professional [/I]legal advice. Contact a lawyer who is experienced in internet issues.


Ouch! That bad huh? Thanks for the help you 2. Hope im not headed for jail or something.


As above, I would strongly recommend getting professional advice on this.

For the forum your account was hijacked, there are a few other things you could try to get your old account back. First, try sending a PM to an administrator and be sure to mention as much detail as possible to prove you were the owner of that account, e.g. your IP address, the e-mail address you originally used with that account, your date of birth (if you had in your profile), etc. Otherwise, they may wonder if you were really the owner of that account. By sending a PM, this way if your e-mail was getting stuck in a spam filter, it will definitely get through by PM. If you just want to delete the threads by your former account, use the “Report post” feature on each of them to attract attention to the moderators, explaining clearly why you want the posts removed.

As a lesson to anyone reading this thread here, this clearly highlights the consequence of using the same password on more than one website. However, it takes practice and can be done, e.g. my MyCE password does not have a word in common with any password I use elsewhere, the same with various other websites, remote connections and so on that I use. Of course I forget the odd ones now & again, but that’s what the “Forgot your password” option is there for and why it is very important to have a strong password on your e-mail account.


In what country did you start sharing? What country are you from?


Im in the US. Have no idea where the forum I posted in is located. When I try to figure it out it doesnt say but I assume the US or somwhere in europe.


[QUOTE=Room710;2525481]Im in the US.[/quote] That could be a problem.

Have no idea where the forum I posted in is located. When I try to figure it out it doesnt say but I assume the US or somwhere in europe.
If it is not in the US, that could be highly beneficial for you because “the crime” was done outisde US jurisdiction.

Find it out and find out if they are just threatening you (a LOT of firms to that, especially in the US most of them do) or you can really face arrest.


When I try to find its location there is no info about it. Ive tried messaging them but I never get a reply. The time on their site says it is 8:53 GMT which makes me think its in Europe somewhere. I hope so atleast. It says when I google it that most of the traffic to the site is from Russia so maybe its in Russia? Hope thats better for me. Definately dont want to get arrested. I know everyone is telling me to get a lawyer on here but I dont want to untill I know they are actually going to do something you know? Dont want to contact the company and ask whats happening because I dont want to press things. That and lawyers cost alot of money and if I get a fine or something like that I want to have enought money to pay it. Im hoping its just a threat so I stop, which it worked. If not im hoping they just say pay this amount and we wont sue like most seem to get. Im done with anything dealing with sharing files thats for sure. Ive hardly done it in the past and this is what happens? The company that contacted me is in the US if that means anything more.


Go Here: and type in the name:


[QUOTE=olyteddy;2525581]Go Here: and type in the name:[/QUOTE]

Thanks for that. I tried it and it appears it is located in India from what I can tell. It ends with the .IN suffix or whatever which when I look that up is the suffix for India.

Thanks again for everyones help. Hopefully it was just a scare tactic that worked and I wont hear anything else from them. Its been over a week so im starting to feel a little better about it all.


[QUOTE=Room710;2525586]Thanks for that. I tried it and it appears it is located in India from what I can tell. It ends with the .IN suffix or whatever which when I look that up is the suffix for India.[/quote] If that is the case you probably have absolutely nothing to worry about.


I would still contact this forums administration.
Do you best job of explaining the situation.
The forum admin should be able to give you back complete control of your account .
Removing any control by this company.
Completely remove any connection between you & this account .Giving complete control & responsibility to this company for the account. Hopefully you can do this without a lawyer. I’m sure this forum doesn’t want any account hijacked & will be helpful.
A second to Seán’s post be careful with your passwords & create good ones.