How long b4 an official 3540 FW do you think? :)



Just wondering how long it normally takes. Like how long before the 3520 came out?


hmm… 3 months ± 1 month.


Thats a bit slow compared to other vendors.
Is the wait worth it, and by that I mean, does NEC seem to make significant improvments in each firmware release, (not just minor / incremental improvments)?


1 Year.


Liggy made a beta 3540 1.01 firmware with bitsetting! See


ScorpioSoft: I don’t think this is a official FW update. =)


It’s an official Liggy Firmware update :bigsmile:


Does the word BETA say anything to you :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL then I was right about 3±1 month. :stuck_out_tongue:

BETA? What is that ? Liggy’s firmwares are all BETA… and they always work. =)


Nope. Sometimes I miss changing some offsets or mix up checksums :a


with Liggy’s f/w which is so great, i am too indolent to check NEC own official update. the latter appears ‘negligible’.


Hi :slight_smile:
Try here


That firmware is for the 3450 and NOT the 3540… :stuck_out_tongue:


In this review, the 3540 is running a version 1.21 firmware!
Does anyone know where to get it??? Or is it just the same firmware renamed for the asian market?


The same i would think, possibly for a OEM customer.


The 2 makes me guess that it could be an IOData firmware


Hi :slight_smile:
Yes you are right :bow: & I’m so wrong !!! :frowning:
So sorry to anyone/everyone
PS.I’m quite happy with Liggy’s & Dee’s Patch anyway(thanks :bow: )


Just in time for the next NEC drive knowing NEC


NEC is well known for not supporting their drives with firmwares as often as other companies. I am not sure that when 8x DL media comes out, NEC will support them with an updated firmware in order to recognise their media code. They release many recorders but they lack support


Well… MKM 002… 8x DVD+R DL is already supported in the current firmware od 3540. =P