How Lite-On 411S@811S Can Be Indentified?

How Lite-on 411S@811S can be identified as, completely 811S drive both Hardware/Software wise or 411S as far as hardware concern but 811S only only for the modified software?.

Note: Software term being used for both FIRMWARE and EEPROM.

Since the Z-mod changes the firmware and EEPROM to be labeled as a 811S I don’t think you can tell via a software method.

But, if you look on the drive itself there is a sticker on top. A 411S will be labeled as a 411S and a 811S will be labeled as a 811S (all LiteOn DVD burners are labeled like that).
If the sticker isn’t there or is ripped or written over then it’s probably a 411S@811S someone was trying to sell as a 811S.

Thanks Ssessth;

What I really meant can a Lite-On 411S@811S be considered as complete 811S both Hardware/Software (FIRMWARE & EEPROM). Are 411@811S and just 811S identical in anyway? Otherwise is 411S@811S is virtually 811S drive?

Clarification… The 411S != 811S in terms of calibration data. A 411S@811S cannot be considered as a REAL 811S in any way, shape or form!

The intention of the Z-mod was to “inject” 6x and 8x calibration data into an EEPROM devoid of such data. This was achieved via the use of an extrapolation algorithm to basically “guess” the values that should sit on a line of best fit.

This methodology goes great distance in making a 411S work as a 811S…thus the popularity of the Z-mod series, but trust me…its not a real 811S.


Thank your for your in depth “Engineering and Technical Argument”. Since you are the sole author of Z-Mod, without a doubt your opinion carries more weight than any of us. Your analogy is valid and makes sense that modifying some portion of drive algorithm does not constitute remaking the drive to another model both hardware and firmware.

Thanks again for your contribution in this field.



No… That is not very fair to the other contributors, now is it?


I apologize to you and other contributors if I was wrong as saying Zebra is sole author. My impression was and still is (please correct me in case I am wrong) that Zebra was the first one to modify the EEPROM and provided the main solution and upgrade.


Dave isnt wrong.

It was and still is, very much a team effort! Indeed, I was the one to modified the EEPROM and then ascertain the algorithm required for a seamless “upgrade” to real 811S firmwares. I carried on my techniques to later hardware such as the 451S@851S and the 812S@832S. I will no doubt do it for 1213@1613 also…

But there is more to it than this! My good friend, Jitter, was responsible for the work on the extrapolation algorithm! He was behind the algorithm we used to “guess” calibration data based upon the existing values in EEPROM.

 There are three parts, done by three associates:
 * EEPROM checksum (me)
 * Calibration addition (Jitter)
 * Patcher code (anon)

If you want to meet the beta-testers who helped create and hone the extrapolation algorithm of these mods let alone all the current things we get upto, take a trip to


I will no doubt do it for 1213@1613 also…

Just curious, does this require some special talent?

So in case Lite-On releases new Firmware for both 411S & 811S now, what Firmware 411S@811S should be selected knowing that present firmware in drive let say is modified HSOQ.

Ummm - just keep the HS0Q you have in their now on the drive. If they ever release another update, because you have a correctly summed drive, you just need to apply the new firmware from LiteOn as normal.

From what I read in another thread, they may drop support for the x11S series hardware however. Can I confirm that? No.


Thanks for your valuable input, although I am not planning any upgrade for now and Lite-On also has not released any new firmware, but our of curiosity I was just wondering what identification the drive411S@811S would have and what upgrade firmware will be correctly selected.

I’m often confused when I have two 811S or two 832S in one PC. The problem is that, none of the four drives is real 811S or 832S.

:bigsmile: @ Kenshin - take an erasable whiteboard marker and label them. That is what I usually do, or - I keep them in external USB bays with stickers clearly stating what the drive enclosed is.

You mean the drive bezels. I have already done that but it’s with the Windows that I have difficulty finding the right drives all the time. I mean two 811S and one is 401S and the other is 411S. Two 832S, one 812A and the other 851S. Maybe it’ll be easier when I receive the new enclosures that I ordered yesterday.