How late do you usually stay up?

On an average day, what is the latest time that you go to bed?

It’s my habit not to sleep before 00:00. Since I was born, we in the family had only one small room and there were four brothers including myself. The only time I could study was when everyone else was sleeping. The life had always been more agonizing and painful than the worst times in the ROK army where a human being was treated worse than a dog.

So I’m usually awake between 00 - 06 AM. Sleeping time more unpredictable - could be morning, afternoon, or evening, anytime. I tried to change it many times but was never successful.

On an average day I have to go to work the next day…so I go to bed 11 pm at the latest

The weekends, however, are a completely different story :wink:

During the week I stay up until about 2 o’clock. During the vacations and weekends it’s mostly around 5 in the morning before I go to sleep. Yes I am used to sleep little :wink:

I guess it all depends on my mood and how I’m feeling at night but there at times when I’m in bed by 10pm others it’s about 2am… if I’m not working the next day then I’ll go when ever I’m really tired

I fall asleep in front of the tv about 23:00 - 00:00 wake up at 01:00 - 02:00 cause I’m cold. Then goto bed.

Usually go to bed around 11, but I sometimes don’t sleep during the weekends.

Weekdays - back from office at 9-10 - fall asleep by 12 - no energy :wink: Cool songs to put me to sleep :slight_smile: Then wake up at 6. Six hours not bad eh?

Weekends - sleep by 1 or so unless Im watching some good movie! I am used to sleeping during the day on weekends :smiley: Sleep debt u see :bigsmile:

Can’t sleep earlier than 12 pm. Usually I sleep at 1.30 pm. That doesn’t that I sleep a little though! :wink:

Weekdays I usually sleep from 2 or 3 AM to 6AM. Weekends from 4AM to 12PM or later. I am now used to getting 4 hours of sleep. I can stay perfectly awake wihtout even touching coffee. Now I only wish there were more people here at 2AM…

Work day ahead : preferably 10 pm , but it has been 2 am or 4 am occasionall y, or just no sleep and be dead the next day.

No work day ahead : not, the next day

It’s always the 12 hours of sleep for me (on vacation).

I’m trying to pack in a few more hours every day on my vacation so I will come back to school taller than Chris! :bigsmile:

Go to sleep at 11:00 PM and wake up at around 11~12 AM

2-3 AM. Not a coffee drinker or any beverage w/ caffeine substance. Don’t have insomnia, don’t have puffy eye bags. I do however get up no earlier than 9:30. I could go to sleep earlier, doesn’t really make a difference. I prefer going to bed “early, real early” that’s all.

Coffee doesn’t work for me, even it makes me feel sleepy because it’s warm. I usually go to bet at 1 AM.

on the average i don’t want to sleep before midnight, but from monday to saturday i have school so i wake up @ 7.45 am (school starts @ 8.20 :bigsmile: ).
i hate sleeping much, but if i rest less than 7 hours i become a zombie :stuck_out_tongue:
everytime i can (like holidays or saturdays), i stay awake as far as 2-3 am.


My record is staying up from 19:00 PM to 8:45 Am playing the multiplayer demo SOF II ( thanks to Mr Belvedere ) And i can remember ( it’s the only thing i can remember thanks to the amount of beer:bigsmile: ) that my girlfriend started screaming behind me: " WTF, are you still playing!!! "

It took me 2 days to make that up ( 2 days i couldn’t play:( :a :frowning: )


in some minutes ill go to bed. its the same like every day,between 3 am and 4 am.

i have insomnia and an addiction to caffeine. Around 2-3am all the time. During the week i get up around 10:30 because i don’t have morning classes. But this next semester i’ll have to get up at 6:30:(.

On the weekends and vacations sleep till 12pm or later.

I wish i could be nocturnal, but the rest of the world disagrees. Sure you can be nocturnal on the net, but not out in real life.

Mon thru Fri 2300, weekends 0200-0300 (beer involved of course). Work for the military so I am always up and at’em at 0400 hrs during the week. Vacations are meant for gaming and LONG stroll on the internet…heh heh

well its 8 am now, or thereabouts, and no sleep yet :wink:

sleep is for the weak. now THATS a credo that will get you killed