How Is Your Experience With Nero6.6 So Far

Nero 6.6 have unofficially out for the last few days, some of rushed to downloaded and use it without waiting for Nero’s official date of October 18. I am being one that is using now, I wonder what is you experience of this new Nero6.6. Is it friendlier? is more improved in performance over previous version?, have you notice any new bugs on this version?. And above all how do you like it?

it rulez !

Up to now I haven’t found any new bugs. Only the old ones which are still present (LiteOn and bitsetting, for instance)…

Doesn’t uninstall cleanly!
I tried it, was unimpressed and uninstalled it. Loads of registry entries left behind, so whenever autoplay was enable it would still give the option of starting with Nero Showtime, for example.
Had to use Regseeker and manually remove them all. Yuck!

So far seems to be working just fine. I read some reports that people had problems with DVD Shrink after the install, I have not had this problems.

I used Nero to convert some Mpeg-4’s back to DVD’s and I’m pretty sure the quality is improved with the new update.

just keep having problems with nerovision where it skips about every 30 seconds once burned, even in preview mode.

i try v6.60 with a liteon 411s drive in an asus a7v (chipset kt133) system, it still have problems where burn is stuck in lead-in forever only a hard reset would kill the program
anyone know if this happen to dvd+r disc as well, i mainly use dvd-r

no going back to recordnow again

only problem is stability, it crashes alot, then agian no more than the older versions.

ben :slight_smile:

I have been using 6.6 for a wkk now. Burned about 11 out of 11 DVD’s so far successfully . It is much more stable than the previous version of Nero. The DVD burner is Lite-On 832S.

I installed it, but it does not run. The second I click the icon the splash screen flashes for a second and then the program is GONE! I have installed it three times now.

I rolled back to the previous version and it works fine with what I had before.

So, for me it SUCKS!

When you installed Nero6.6 did make sure that your S/N is being accepted by Nero6.6?.

Did try to open each module by opening the Nero StartSmart and click the icon there?.

I haven’t had any problem so far with 6.6 version.

My serial number appeard in the box and I clicked through it and the program installed. On the third install I selected the entire suite be loaded. The individual components, EXCEPT BURNING ROM, all worked.

The Nero Burning Rom is located at top of your Nero StartSmart, open it and you will see Nero Burning Rom there. Also you get to make sure that your Nero Burning Rom , Nero ExressVisio3 and Nero Show Time are not in Demo status by opening help/about on each of these module and having your S/N there and registered to your name.

Works well, better than which gave me a lot of problems.
Bit too bolated - but very reliable. Burnt both DVDs & CDs - works well with my 4 burners (LG 4120B, Pioneer 108 & 2 LiteOn sohc 5232)

i will stay away , i dont need more coasters :slight_smile:

Works great here!

It is more fast and stable than previous versions of Nero.


I haven’t noticed any difference. But all I use is nero express.

We have no issues with it either, ythe only problem i see is i lost the ability to determine the burning speed of a DVD it only goives me the MAX option in the drop down menu when setting up for burning DVD’s.

Here we are, October 18 and so far Nero is not available for download from Nero’s site.
Any information about?

Any info about “official” release by Nero? Still not available for download from them.