How Is Your Experience In D/L Burning?



I was wondering how are your experiences if any in making DVD-9 (burning Double Later Disc)? My own experiences is not that shining, I have attempted 3 time to make D/L disc will all three failure. I have tied with Nero, Nero/Shrink and DVD Decrypter with none successful. These burning goes all the way to the beginning of second layer and then give error massage. Are you having better luck?.


Use VERBATIM only and a proper burning app which can burn espeecially at the layer break correctly.


Have had any experience burning D/L yourself?. I have been using Memorex so far with no success. As far for burning application does not make any difference Nero or Shrink/Nero , Decrypter or any others they should be doing D/L burning without any difficulty.


Memorex uses RITEK D01… No good.


Nero is no good for DL burning. For 1:1 backups DVD decrypter iso read -> iso write works. If you have created your own DL movie or want to modify a rip then set the layer break in Pgcedit 0.6, create an iso and burn in DVD decrypter. Sonic Recordnow 7.3 works too if you just want to burn VIDEO_TS folders directly and have the layer break set automatically.

Ritek DL (like Memorex) is as tehGrue mentioned no good. Use MKM (Verbatim) or with a compatible writer Ricoh also works ok.


Thanks tehGrue/Jsl: I have also tried the decrypter for ISO read for ripping and then ISO write for burning with no luck. I was just trying to make 1:1 copying a DVD Video in to DVD+R (D/L), may be as you both mentioned Memorex is not proper disc to be used for D/L burning, but even then I am surprised a pack of disc (D/L) costing almost $5/disc none of them written successfully.


JSL is correct at all points. To use PGCEdit, have a look here:


I don’t think burning DVD-9 or D/L disk has to be so complicated to using so many software and tolls in order to do it. Nero DVD Decrypter and Shrink/Nero they have a function that says fit the file in 4.38GB (S/L) or 8.7GB (D/L0 disk and that should do the job. Having proper brand of D/L disc that is more valid argument.


Yes, that what I’ve posted was from my own experience also…


Yeah one could think that Nero should work, but fact is that it has issues with setting the layer break correct so it doesn’t make fully compatible DL discs. See for example this test and this test.


Verbatim and dvd decryptor works for me but traxdata i have had a few failures…
Using a NEC 3500AG


Jsl the link is not working could you please the working one, thanks.


Both links work for me although a little slow in opening…


Thanks I am at now and the links are working, I couldn’t open them at work some how.


First I ever tried to burn was a Verbatim 2.4X with Nero, it finished burn, but was not seen by any drive I put it in = $ 10.00 coaster.

Now I use DVD Decrypter and done 11 good ones, not one bad, so stay clear of Nero and use Verbatim.