How Is Ur OLD Burned DVD's Doing?

Why not we make a thread to see how is the Old Burned DVD’s/CD’s have aged

it might be a good pointer on the Behavior of the Media to The time Passing Process

A concern i had specially that i had a whole 50 Spindle of the Awful TTH02 DVD’s dead none is readable except 2 or 3 and all have unreadable errors

i here Start a thread with a 2.5 Year Old FAKE TYG02 (GIGAMAX Branded)

Scanned With 20A4P @ 4x

a very good result for Fake Media i think

The Pioneer Rebadge ASUS-1608PS3 was a real stud on burning even the most hard to handel media and fake ones too

There is an exsisting thread in the Blank Media section for scanning aged media.:flower:

LG Branded DVD+R
MiD: LGEP16 001

nearly 3 Years old


thnx for informing me

sorry if i made a duplicate

i’ll go post there then

but will u plz provide a link to the thread
the search came out with to many results

found thread but only CD-R’s so far

> will u plz provide a link to the thread

[quote=yyy;2232789]> will u plz provide a link to the thread

thnx a lot Triple Y

got it

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