How is this scan?




I’m new to Kprobe 2 (along with all other DVD testing software), so I’m having quite a bit of trouble interpreting my results…

The attached file is a scan of my backup of Blade 3: Trinity movie using Lite-on 812S drive burning on Maxell DVD-R at 2x speed. Is this considered a good scan?


Also, what is the significance of such a high “total” count? What is the “max” count? And the “average” count? What exactly are they?

BTW, since the movie was burned at 2x, I scaned at 2x, is this correct assumption?


It appears to be an excellent disc, but seeing the actual saved graph is better than the text report.

Total count: Is useful only for the purpose of comparing 2 discs. The actual number is not really significant.

Max count: Again, the actual number is not always important, especially if the max was only a single spike.

Average: more important than the others, but again must be taken in context of all the numbers and the graph.

One other note, Maxell -R is generally best burned at it’s rated speed, burning at lower speeds often results in higher error rates.


Wow, so if the packaging says 4x, I should burn at 4x? What if DVDShrink only allows burns up to 2.2x?


Shrink uses the Nero burn engine, or Decryptor, to burn, so it may actually be burning at 4x. Only way to know is to time it. In any case, you’re getting excellent burns on some excellent media.


Thanks for the reply!


I guess I better get that BenQ 1620 from fast. I’ve been burning my 8x maxell -r at 2x. hope the discs are totally useless.