How is this possible?

Tomorrow, my new harddrive arrived. I put it in, assigned it to my RAID array, formatted, partitioned and installed XP. Everything went fine.

Upon installing the NForce2 drivers, I noticed that the sounddrivers were not installed, because Windows couldn’t detect any audio device. Of course, my onboard sound (NVidia Soundstorm) was enabled. The only thing that Windows found was an unknown Ethernet controller. After some hassling around I found that this unknown Ethernet controller was my Soundstorm chip.

Whatever I tried, I couldn’t get the onboard sound to work.

As I didn’t have too much time, I decided to put in my old SB Live once again. Booted and guess what: Windows finds both the SB Live and the SoundStorm chip. The drivers of both installed fine and even the unkown Ethernet controller is gone. Both soundcards work like a charm now.

My question: how can this happen? I suppose this an error of MS, right?

Some data:

  • MSI K7N2G-ILSR mainboard, 1.80 full raid modded BIOS
  • NForce 3.13 drivers
  • WinXP pro with all updates installed

NE ideas?

i’ve never heard of such a problem myself (i have an nf2 board also with soundstorm). maybe you can try looking around in the nForcersHQ forums to see if anyone else had such an issue.

Originally posted by Dee-ehn
Tomorrow, my new harddrive arrived. I put it in.

It probably something to do with the time vortex you are currently sitting in.:stuck_out_tongue: I do wish I could get the same delivery company as you though.

I would have to go with MS being screwy. By putting in the SB Live card it seems you gave the O/S a kick up the backside and it re-examined your hardware and foud the “missing” sound card.

I do agree though very strange.