How is this possible?

After writing a TDK (TTG01) DVD-R disc at 4x I got this in nero cd speed

Wow, I take the disk out and put it in again and then rerun the test

How could this be possible since Benq is capable of only 8x DVD-R reading ??

Read the review again and you will find the answer,
8x speed reading for dual layer dvd’s and 16x speed for single layer dvd’s


Welcome to the very exclusive club of ppl who can experience that.
I and some other forumers posted results like yours where DVDR SL layer were read 16X although the specs say otherwise

It happened with discs on which the media code for some reason cannot be read by the Benq. In my case It was TY G01 burnt on the Nec 2500. Quality tests with the Benq couldn’t see the media code and transfer rate went up to 16X

I didn’t read an explanation to this but a “glitch” in the fw or in CD Speed.

These reading speeds are for Pressed (Commercially released) DVD media. DW1620 can read DVD Recordable (DVD+/-R) media at a max speed of 8X.

@gwiz, my wild guess is that your 1620 did not read the disk´s Media type (MID) correctly, it though that it is reading a pressed DVD and it did that at 16X max speed.

…just my opinion… any ideas anybody?

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EDIT: sorry goes to SAPA, got a cup of fresh coffee and did not see your post on time…

No problem hp1530.
The two of us made a “blind check” on the subject. :wink:

I must add that the above “glitch” never happened to me (Yet :wink: ).

Any ideas of how to hide (make unreadable) the MID code of a recordable disk?. I mean, if we could do that and bitset our DVD+R quality media to DVD-ROM, we are in for 16X transfer rate tests on our DW1620 :smiley:

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The same thing happend with an Verbatim MCC02RG20 8x DVD-R and this time the error at the end of the disk wasn’t there.
Now if only somebody with good knoledge of Benq firmware could investigate this we could be in for a treat :wink:

Yes, it can be very interesting, if i could do 16X transfer rate tests with my DW1620, I reckon I could stop doing KProbe scans and dump my Litey 811s :Z

So, how can I get my BenQ recognise my burned DVD’s as MID=DVD[] ?

Anybody :rolleyes: ?

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It’s a bug in the firmware, and I also experienced it twice when ripping DVD-R.
It would be nice if this burner got a firmware that enables 16X SL DVDR reading. We all know it’s capable doing that, just think of the 16X scan option in CD Speed.
Maybe we all should start asking for it in the engineers’ thread… :bow: