How is this possible? 650Mb in 3Mb image?



Firstly, I’ve just registered to this forum. So, please be nice to me. OK.I got a “NO-CD Crack” for NFS : UG2 . Its a MDS/MDF file. Size… about 3mb. In the readme, Mount Mini Image with latest Daemon-Tools or latest Alcohol 120%. Mount it, and suprise to see its actually the whole cd burned. Question is : How to do this.Anyone can help me. I got the lin


It is a mini image done with MIR (Mini Image Ripper)…, coded by Cirkutz, I think.

We are not talking about Cracks here, but I am not sure about mini images. Just a warning.


It is Illegal to download Mini-images and it is not allowed to discuss them here.


I thought so…


The rules on mini-images are set out here.

Sorry satanhead2003 but this thread must be closed. :cop: