How is the SOHW-1693S?


I am building a new system in a small case, so I’ve been looking for the shortest (depth) DVD burner, and it looks like it’s the Liteons, so I’m thinking of getting an SOHW-1693S. Aside from size, I’m mainly interested with a drive that will burn and read reliably, as opposed to the fastest possible. Also the bitsetting with the Liteon would be a nice bonus.

I’ve been reading reviews for the various Liteon models, and I gather that they’re not the greatest burners, but I was wondering how is the SOHW-1693S?


I Have Not Tried A Real Lite-On SOHW-1693S Yet.

But My Lite-On SOHW-1673S@1693S Has Been Good To Me.
Except When It Has Come To Burning CD-R’s.

It Was First Reported By OC-Freak That High Speed CD-R Burning Is Broken.
(In The Latest Series Of The Lite-On DVD Writers/Firmwares) :confused:

If You Are Interested In A Short (depth) DVD Burner The BenQ DW1640 Maybe A Better Choice.
(It’s Alot Shorter That The BenQ DW1620)

In The Next Week Or Two I Will Have The Opportunity In Testing A SOHW-1693S.
So I’ll Should Be More Informed In Answering Your Question. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info re. the Benq. The Benq 1640 actually still just a bit longer than the Liteon 1693S (178mm vs. 170mm), at least according to their spec pages. I’ll probably wait a bit to see how both turn out.



My 1673S@1693S is obviously better than any previous LITEON models. IMHO 1693S is the first LITEON drive that 16x writing is practical. But there is another choice for small chassis. BenQ DW1640’s depth is 178mm (7.0 inches). DW1640 seems to be more reliable than 1693S, and its price is almost equal to 1693S. If you have more budget
, Plextor PX-716A is recommended. Though PX-716A is slightly longer than 1693S, it can be put into a cube chassis.

…mmmm my post is slightly delayed…

I just got a LiteOn 1693S in yesterday for review on another website which I write for. I mounted it in a Shuttle case with no problem, it is indeed 17 cm long. I’ve just strated testing, so it’s too soon to reach any conclusions. I will say that I have high hopes for this drive, and we all hope that LiteOn hits a home run with this drive. So far though, I’m already disappointed with the CD reading performance which I’ve displayed below. This was on a clean, pressed audio disc. The DVD reading also appears to be speed limited for both single and dual layer discs. I’ll try and post other interesting findings as they become apparent. If the reading is the same on other discs, this is a drive that will need to be combined with a dedicated reader.


If You Updated Your Nero CD-DVD Speed To The Latest v3.80.
It Has Been Greatly Improved Over Your Current Version.

Just For Example It Reports The Correct Firmware For The Lite-On 1693S.
Yours Is Showing VKS04 Not KS04.

I Believe The V May Stand For Version But At First Glance Is Confusing.

I am Looking Forward In Reading Your Review On The Lite-On SOHW-1693S
Especially Regarding The CD-R Burning Side.


I’m also looking forward to your review, as at this point, and with the case that I have, every mm will make a difference because I want to get a larger (80mm), quieter heatsink & fan.


Thank you very much for the advice and link, I’ll definitely make sure I’m using the latest version. I also have to try a few more discs to see if it was an isolated event, or not. The drive is definitely 17mm even in length, one of the smaller drives around. I’ll make sure to post a link when the review comes out in a few weeks.