How is the quality of Ritek Ridata Hub Printable CD-R?


I usually burn on Hub Printable Taiyo-Yuden CD-R discs, but the price is really killing me.

I see that Ritek Ridata discs are almost half as much. Before I order, I just wanted to know how the quality of these discs are; print quality and burn quality?

Thank you!

Print surface is generally liked. Burn quality is directly dependent on your burner. Some burners like it, some don’t.

Thanks, going to order 200 from supermedia.

i like the quality of the disc and images are sharp and color is good but they are matte finish and have a chalky feel to them , I ordered 100 jvc disc from supermedia store they are the glossy TY watershields and are 54 bucks and if its your first purchase they take another 7% off…cant wait till they arrive… hell i usually pay 35 bucks through rima for just 50 of them…:bow:good luck i liked the disc just fine and i use them for free gifts and such :clap: