How is the Napster deal going...?

I just posted the article How is the Napster deal going…?.

Well there isn’t much news around napster lately. Bertelsmann is still making a new napster service. This is what Wired News says about it:

FRANKFURT – German media giant Bertelsmann said on…

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That sounds kind of strange, it is like u trading illegal stuff legally…

It is like if the next day, you are able to download MSME or anything prog. from their Official Site…

It feels weird to know that what u can do free and illegaly,
u can do it by paying ?

that’s good one…


So it all comes down to…

“You can continue on with what you’ve been doing, BUT we need to get in and make SOME profit.”

What kind of fuc*** bullshé­t is that!!! No motherfuc*** soul is gonna pay for Napster, when they can get it for free everywhere else.
Only the stupid peepz, that doesnt know what ftp is, gonna use Napster!