How is the DQ60

I was going to get the BenQ 1640 but they stoped selling in on and now I’m thinking of getting the Philips DVDR1648P but I can’t find it out there. But one benq dvdrw/r +/- dirve they do have is the DQ60 which I know nothing about can someone help me. Should I wait and get the Philips DVDR1648P or “Go for the Gusto” and get the DQ60. Help … :sad: :sad: :sad:

Get the HIVAL 16X drive from COMPUSA, it’s a rebadged BENQ 1640. You can crossflash the HIVAL to a 1640. There is a thread about the D60 drive which isn’t the greatest according to that thread. also has the BENQ 1640 in grey for $39.99 if you don’t wanna shell out 80 bucks at COMPUSA for the HIVAL drive. :wink:

Why even advertise a BenQ OEM thats not even theirs. Crazy, just plan crazy.

The Plextor PX-740A and the Sony DRU-810A are also BenQ DW1640 rebadges, as is the Philips DVDR1628. I got the Sony, since it was cheaper and easier to obtain for me than any of the other drives, even though it was a retail version.


Maybe they are clearing the way for the 1650?

I’m surprised we got the DQ60 so soon. I have a feeling the rest of the world will get the 1650 before us as usual. :sad:

but since newegg is thorugh with carrying the 1640 shouldn’t I move on and wait for the new line that will come out next.

what interface is the benQ1650??? Is it SATA??? When are they phasing out EIDE drives??

The DQ60 is supposed to support DVD-RAM and if you’re interested in this format it makes a big difference to get this drive or another one.
Besides I don’t know how good it can be. There are people that would prefer other drives but you also get the BenQ unconditionals, so it is up to you to wait for the reviews or go ahead just now.

Directron still has the the 1640 in black. After shipping price comes to about $47.