How is the button on the NEC 3500, easy to use?

I want a drive that I can brush my finger across the button and the tray will open.

Lite-on is easy to press (12x cd burner) - loud reader
Cyberdrive is hard to press (8x dvd+rw)
Optorite is hard to press (12x dvd+rw

Ex. if the drive is on a flat surface and you press the button does the drive slide across the table as you push the button in, or does the button press in first before it slides?

I wonder about NEC and Pioneer button quality and ease of use since Lite-on is supposed to be really loud and not as good as they used to be.
I have never seen another thread about this.



LOL,never gave it too much thought,but i guess you can call it “easy press” hehehe

and i want a tray that opens upon voice command, “open”, “close” :wink:

Dude, you got worries…
If you lay it on a flat surface, you will push the drive quite far before it opens.
Your post is probably a fake, but I tell you, you seriously need to change your criteria for hardware…

Btw, your way of opening drives would cause many a mistakenly ejected tray, I guess… :wink:

I wish when I pressed the button my drive played a jingle or music theme or random sound clips like I used to have when playing duke-nukem, like:

“I’m gonna kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of gum”

“I’m gonna rip off your head and shit down your throat”

" come get some!"

Hahaha…good times…old times/memories, but good old times.

what a silly thread, someone should delete it…

What is wrong with you people?!

I happen to have a hand condition and not much hand strength…I can’t PUSH the button on the cyberdrive or the Optorite so I had to return them. If you don’t have anything nice to say then keep your mouth shut. How about pushing a wheelchair guy down the stairs…does that make you feel better?

Now does anybody have anything to say about my original question?

Liteon = usable for me
Cyberdrive = unusable for me
Optorite = unusable for me
NEC = ?
Pioneer = ?

Hey optojay why do you insist on being uncool? This thread is totally and completly valid… you need not reply to this if it offends you somehow. I’m not forcing you to look here.

FYI I had to RETURN a cyberdrive AND an Optorite because I couldn’t use them. I’d rather know in advance and since you can’t go into a store and touch the drive then there is no way but to ask. …maybe I should go somewhere else.

Dude, in case you mean me, my post was well meant.

I guess it’s easier/better to modify the button on a drive than to simply buy a drive based on the button. You could glue a big button on the stock one in order to make pressing it easier, for example - you could use your whole palm or arm or whatever. But I’d have to know exactly what difficulities you have.

Btw, I work with handicapped people at a school and we’ve been doing loads of research in the field of voice recognition, so don’t think people don’t give a toss…

maybe you could explain what it is that would help you.

One thing I noticed with the button on the NEC is that if I push it on the left side of the button, it won’t open. When I push it in the center or to the right side, no problems. I know it has something to do with the way the button is attached to the face.

If you like to close the tray by pushing on it, don’t buy the NEC. It requires a lot more force than a Lite On.

Thanks for your nice reply pukebag. I’m sorry if I overreacted to the earlier posts, Optojay kinda set me off I guess.

I know Liteon is usable for me because the buttons are easy to press but I don’t want another Liteon with the unfavorable reviews. I guess it’s all subjective.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

sure, that’s what I meant, don’t buy a drive based only on the button.
The nec 3500 is a mighty fine drive, and it has enough space to attach (e.g. glue) a bigger knob on it.


Mine opens just fine, must be a random problem…

Ninja24, another thing I noticed… you do use a mouse, right? Mostly you can simply open the bay by right-clicking the drive in explorer and selecting “eject” :wink: Won’t that do for you?


I have a liteon, a pioneer, a LG, and NEC 2510 here. It seems if you press the eject button squarly in the center, perhaps the liteon ejects easier. But if I push on the right side of the buttons the NEC ejects easiest. The Pioneer is a bit harder and the LG is hardest. The LG button might be a more difficult target also because it is round and smaller.

Why you don´t open it via the software, there is alway a command to eject the tray.

I was going to make the same suggestion earlier = using the software to open the drive. Bill, I have a medical background, it would be interesting to hear what this “hand condition” is. Are we talking thalidamide baby? If you have bones or even a simple prosthesis/glove, you can enhance mechanical flexion.

If you can’t push the button on an optical drive, you probably have difficulty using a keyboard, mouse, door handle, light switch, fork and knife, driving a car, using a pencil, microwaving food, using the TV remote, flushing the toilet, etc.

Bill, tell me what your hand condition is. Don’t worry about being too technical. I will apologize for being silly, but you have to admit that the thread started out looking like a hoax. It is unlikely that someone would choose a drive based on how the button felt. Again, if you have a specialized keyboard that helped you post this thread, I’m sure you could use some of the keyboard commands to open the drive that way, instead of using the button.

cmd “open button”

conclusion: good performance


Not the case here. I can push the left, right, upper, down, middle (maybe even behind?) side of the button, and it ejects and closes just fine.


the Nec3500 only has one button (and yes mine opens whichever side i press) and it is a little larger and sticks out further than my lite-on drive i had. dont know about the pioneer. so from this i would think it might be easier for you. as far as actual pressure it takes to open it . it seems about the same as the lite-on havent used the other drives you mentioned for comparison.

hope this helps

i forgot to answer one of the questions. pushing the button sliding the drive sitting on the desk… i didnt actually try this before installing it , but i would bet money the button would press before sliding the drive . it presses pretty easy. of course it depends on how slick the desk is but you know what i am saying :slight_smile:

Philips drives seem to be pretty good, technically spoken. But their button is a real pain in the ass. I’m healthy as can be, having no motorical diseases, but even I find it hard to press the button of my Philips combo drive. That is, I can push the button, but before there’s any reaction from the drive, I sometimes have to push it real hard. Since the DVD-RW drives from Philips still use the same front panel, I think they have the same difficulty.

My NEC 3500 opens easily, but I didn’t do extensive tests on it. LiteOn indeed needs considerably more pressure.

Someone was talking about voice commands, just for joking. But I think the idea is not bad at all. You could use voice recognition software on your computer and link some commands to the soft eject/insert functions.

I guess my button is a little more recessed than others. If I push it hard enough on the left side, it will open. It’s a pretty minor complaint though. I’m sure NewEgg would laugh at me if I tried to RMA it.