How is the BQ1640 doing with erasing DVD+RW

Im very close to buying a 1640. I was wondering if anyone has played with the erase / format functions and how well did they work. Any errors? My intrest is DVD+RW media. The erase / format function on my Plextor 712 can be interesting at times (like jumping through hoops). My other need is straight burning of DVD-R media which im sure will continue to improve with FW updates. Sounds like the hot drive.

ive erased and formated quiet a few ricoh 4x dvd+rw. no problems yet.

I have found standalone problems with dash media and the BenQ1640. I have a new Pioneer DVR-210 that will not play - discs burned on the 1640 but it burns all the -and + disc burned on my Nec 3520 and 3540. Maybe its just my new Pioneer because they play on my old Panasonic DVD player but I do think its an issue.

Works great for me here, with both DVD-RW and DVD+RW.

Fuji, Verbatim, TDK and Sony. All four brands seem to do just fine.

yes there seems to be a problem with dvd-r’s (ritek g05), the one ive burnt on the 1640 dont work in my gamecube but the same brand discs burnt in the 1620 work fine.

my guess is some problem with the leadin/leadout but i could be wrong.

I’m using the stock BSHB firmware with no modifications and have had great luck with Verbatim 16x DVD-R’s I have been using.

I wonder if the issues are mainly with folks who have modified settings with Qsuite or MCSE?

Cool Beans: Thanks. My main concern was with +RW Been reading for a while and it looks like Benq punches out more FW updates then NEC and Plextor ever thought to. That is why I think the -R issues will will improve with time.


The quality of the Ritek G05’s has degraded considerably (look at the thread in the Media Forum)-

I just binned 12-13 of them from the second cakebox of 100 that I got last year and the scans on my old burns which were initially 92-94 are now down to 64-78 - all in just six or seven months-

I personally am sticking with Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Ricoh (IF I can find 'em)-


true but its strange they burnt ok (meaning they worked on my gc) in my 1620, but not when burnt in the 1640 (scanned discs had low error rate).

still im not that concerned as im swithcing to ty’s exclusively soon.