How is the best way to clean blank media

I have read references in other posts about cleaning blank media and how it improves your dvd burns, espeicially with TY Media. I did a search but came up blank with finding any methods. Do you clean them like a regualar DVD…or is there a special process that works best? Thanks in advance for the advice.

No hits ? DVD cleaning

Not with that link.

“vBulletin Message
Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.”

Voila : Search > Advanced Search > Key Word(s) > CD/DVD Cleaning ( or anything similar ).
Don’t know what’s wrong w the bullentin, but the subject’s been discussed many times, gentlemen.

This post by Taxman is probably the best advice

Thanks Jamos…I figured it had been discussed, I searched under various phrases and got all kinds of hits…but they all talked about media, or blank, or stuff that didn’t concern cleaning, so thanks for the specific link.