How is Sony DW-G120A-B2?



This is at Newegg for $38. I’m looking around for a burner, so this or NEC 3550A, or Pioneer DVR111D. But the Pioneer doesn’t have free shipping so is $5 more. Not a big deal.


liteon SHM-165P6S rebadge, a good drive.


Wow, monster thread.

I just had a bunch of trouble with a LiteOn 160P6S which came in an IOMagic box. It kept hanging my new system so I exchanged it at Staples for another IOMagic box and this one was a BenQ DQ60, which has been ok. Still, I need another one. Before the 160 problem I’ve had a number of LiteOn drives that were all good. I’m sure it was just a bad drive so I won’t hold it against LiteOn.