How is Ritek R03 with the 3500?

I have Herrie’s 2.17 fw on my NEC 3500. I was thinking taking advantage of the Ritek Ridata 4X DVD+R 100 pk deal from Newegg:

When i got my 1st spindle, i got RICOHJPNR01 media, which burn nicely at 8X. But now a couple people have received Ritek R03 media in these spindles.

Just wondering if you could tell me the quality/speed of the Ritek R03 media on the 3500. Is it comparable to the RICOHJPNR01 media?


i bought a spindle from newegg a while back and having great result with nec 3500ag…burning at 8x with 2c8_se firmware :bow:

hi i got a bundel of traxdata RO3’ s (8x) Im using liggys beta 8 fw and having nice burns
with them (at least they’re playing back with no probs anyway )

Hmm…do any of you guys have any scans of your burns with the R03’s?

I uploaded a scan of my R03 burn this AM but the server can’t seem to find it. I was very pleased with the results, PI average of 6-7 and PIF average of 7. Also a very low max around 35. I was looking at the same sale and I would be content with either one for my 3500 but I do most of my +R burning on the Liteon with the same results.

With Herrie’s 2.17 you can only burn R03 @4X Here is a scan using the 3500

RICOHJPNR01 @8X using the 3500(2.17).
I ordered two spindles of these from Newegg. Both were R01’s with rebate. I would rather use the R01’s

Thanks for the scans. I’ve had great success with my RICOHJPNR01’s so far burning at 8X and i’m not sure i want to change to the R03’s where i can only burn at 4X. But who knows, for $26 AR i might just give it a shot :slight_smile:

If you order THESE from Newegg you will probably get RICOHJPNR01’s Great price by the way.
Good Luck

i know man, those are the ones i gave the link to in the first post :wink:

Ritek R03 are pretty good if you can get A grade media. If you stick to Ritek branded or Traxdate you should get good burns. Also look out for REV01 or REV02 dye, they are better than the original REV00
Here is a scan of A Grade Ritek R03 on the ND-3500 (burned @8X)

I have been getting some very mixed results from fair to good with some white inkjet label R03’s. Then again, I am having some unresolved DMA issues so there’s no telling if once I make some changes they will settle down.

See: be advised none of these burns is over 4x

I can’t do any kprobe scans only a simple Nero DVD Speed but here’s a scan I did of a Datasafe 8x RITEK 03 REV 002 burned at 8x:

Looks good to me.

EDIT forgot to mention using f/w 2.27!

And here is a scan after switching to beta8, burned @ 6X on the R03-02 Ritek inkjet

I just bought a 50 spindle of Ritek R03 (RIDATA) and cant burn at 8X at all, 4X max with Nero and DVDDecrypter

When looking at them in DVDInfoPro they show up as 8X rated media, but just wont burn at 8X with this NEC-3500A.

Same deal with 2.16 (Original) and 2C8.

Did I get shit 2nd grade disks?

Old problem.


Last spindle of Riteks I’ll ever buy

I’m getting similar results with R03 printables on both my NEC3500 and Liteon 832s. Same spindle of 50 can vary anywhere between near perfect to an absolute disaster. Also, I’ve recently rescanned some of the average quality R03 burns from 6-7 weeks ago and noticed a significant increase in error rates, some to the point the disc is now barely readable.

I’m now using verbatim datalife plus printables (4x) that burn great on both burners @8x. On my fifth spindle without a single bad burn. Just waiting for a 3500 firmware that allows the verbatim 4x@8x and also has riplock removed.

I’ve gone through about 75 of the R03-002s… printables from Newegg (Ridata). Most of them were burned with Liggy beta 7 and pretty much every single disc craps out towards the end of the disc =( Waste of money, going to have to buy some quality media this time.

Sorry to hear that I get great results on my Liteon at 6X and equal scans on the 3500 at 4X.