How is my avatar

<-- how is it ? :slight_smile:

Missing In Action

:stuck_out_tongue: It threw me off at first because I was thinking, “wait, since when did FireFox display broken images in the IE style???”… and then I realized that it was a deceptive new avatar. :wink:

Very clever!!!

You had be going at first glance. :wink:

Pretty clever, good avatar matey.:smiley:

It’s broken. All I see is a Red X! :wink:

As for me, it’s no different than any other avatar. I’ve turned them off in the board settings :wink:

It sucks

Here’s a variation

this is a GREAT one…

I don’t like it either. :Z

Here’s one that will fit if you want.


Ditto. Rofl :bow:

Sweet, post more!