How is Lh-20a1p's reading capabilities?

Seems like this writer is one of the best burning devices…

I want to ask,how is this writer’s reading capabilities?Does it have good error correction capabilities,did you try scratched cds or dvds?

I currently own only two dvd writers, a Lite-On 20A1P and an LG H10A as a H12N.
I have owned the Lite-On drive for 8 months now and can only compare its reading ability with the LG drive. For the most part it is a very good reader, but I am not sure this model lives up to the previous reputation of LiteOn drives as excellent readers.
I have come across several original DVD-ROM Video disks which the LiteON could not successfully backup which my LG could backup. ON the other hand I have not come across any such disk which the LG could not back up and the LiteOn could back up. Basically if my LG cannot back it up, the Lite On cannot back it up either.
Also recently I have come across a couple of very scratched VCDs which gave exactly the same result. The LG could and the LiteOn could not back them up flawlessly.
These may be only isolated occurrences but the more I use the two drives for making backups, the more I lean toward the LG for assurance.
Still overall, both drives are very good readers and I will continue searching for a disc the LiteOn can backup which the LG cannot. :bigsmile: