How is burn quality on the SH-183L



Is the burn quality good on this SATA burner

are you all finding alot issues with Compatibility

soory I meant SH-183L


I think most compatibility issues are caused by the southbridge.
The ICH7 seems quite save from my point of view.


I just installed two brand new 183L’s on my Abit AW8-max. The computer booted right up and recognized them no problem. All the settings looked correct so I made a couple of back ups right away. I copied two movies simultaneously without issue. Compared to my old NEC 3550’s they are much quieter. They also rip 1000 times better than any of my NEC drives ever did. I purposely used one of the kids scratched up discs to test it and it never once missed a beat. My NEC drives constantly cycled the trays and gave read errors. They do seem to burn slower even though it says they are burning at 16x. The movies play perfectly and look exactly like they should. I’m happy with my purchase. Now I have to get some lightscribe discs to try out. All SATA drives in the computer sure do clean up the wiring and airflow.


I’ve burned 5 discs with mine, seems to have better results with 16x versus 18x,(pi is lower at 16x), albeit acceptable. I’ve used Verbatims and TYGO3 on it so far.