How is Burn quality on the new 6 series CDRW?

I see alot of people have these drives…482448, 481248 and 522452…but how is burn quality…is Nero scandisc giving better results??? vs 5 series drives

Most of the 5 series are already producing error-free CDR’s, (with the right media), how would you improve on that? The main difference is the RW speeds, and since we don’t really have media for that, it’s anybody’s guess.

well I agree the media has improved but I still see reports and in my case the drive still will show maybe one bad sector on HQ TY media…now I realize my 40125S o/ced to 48125W may not be perfect but I am interested in seeing if the new chipset is providing better burns from the get go unlike the 5 series did

It is really a matter of finding the right media.

The unbranded Hitachi Maxell I now use have to date never given me a bad burn. They burn to 52x without slowing down and when scanned in CDSpeed there is not one yellow or red box. I believe that the new 6 chipset is Liteon’s best yet!