How is ARES?



I just heard of ares and I have not read much other than its for p2p sharing.
Anyone know what network does run off? Same as Kazaa?
How is it say compared to shareazaa, kazaa, and/or others.
I am not looking to start another best p2p thread but would like to have some info on this p2p software. I have not read much on it and am just gathering some information on it.

thanks for any feedback given


Ares IMO is better then Kazaa hands down.


Ok and what network does it connect to? and what other program connects to the same network, if any?


A piece of snotty bog roll is better than kazaa hands down


Don’t download it, Because it stays lock in your startup and you have to format your hard drive to get it out.


I haven’t had that problem but yet I haven’t tried. should be fixable some how.


you can delete the entry in the registry, if you dare try to. I know it may be advanced, but it is easy to get used to.


I think ARES stinks.


its a music, dvd and video swapping site. seems real cool!


Clownpatrol, are you somehow affiliated with this SwapRocks? Everyone of your posts has been to promote the company …just kidding. :wink:


I haven’t ever had a good experience with Ares. I always have to open up new ports to get a somewhat decent download speed. I personally prefer Limewire and mIRC. With Limewire I am at no less then 60k/s download speed 99% of the time. But mIRC is my favorite.


naaaa, it seems like a cool site. actually Im a member of swaprocks and the more users, the more inventory. so actually, maybe I am??? Im basically sold on the idea, thats all. And I love to read the lyrics and info on the CD.

Anyway, I download music albums and paid for them (some I dont). Its like $8.99 for a whole album or .99 cents a song. If it sux, Im stuck with a bad download.

Getting back to ARES, I havent had good luck with them. There are a few more downloading sites that are better. I like Morpheus.


It’s pretty highly regarded. I like it quite it bit - very easy to use.

go to - good site for P2P info