How is an unbalanced drive repaired?

I have an HP 9100i. My PC case fell over and now the drive vibrates noisily when reading discs (i.e. when spinning at higher rates) although it is still able to write discs. I’m assuming the fall caused the drive to become unbalanced and would like to know if it is possible to fix on my own and, if so, how?

Lump Hammer

Hm… The question may need expert opinions. RMA?

Well anything can be fixed, but I’m not sure this is something worth digging into. Pull the whole thing apart (save the little pieces), find the unbalanced part, re-balance it (same as balanceing a car tire, but a lot harder due to size and speed) put it all togather.

Compare all that effort to a new drive. I’d just replace that drive.

It also makes the warranty ineffective. Don’t open the drive unless you are good at it.

Thanks for the replies so far… I’m not worried about the warranty, the drive is 4 years old. I would also rather fix the drive than buy a new one not being made of money and having plenty of time on my hands. Computer shops (apparently) can fix this so the knowledge is out there somewhere…

Google for the repair FAQ. I havn’t read them lately, but earliler versions included a lot of CD repairs. (Nothing on balanceing a drive, but that was years ago when I last read one)

Yes, Google was my first source but the FAQ’s didn’t contain any specific info on rebalancing unfortunately.

Reality check:

Why would one want to waste time on such a dinasaur, when for $30, shipped you can have a nice new burner that will give high-end performance.

Most likely, the 9100 has a loose/broken spindle/motor assembly. This might be easily repaired or could be terminally broken. Either way it’s not worth the trouble unless you have nothing better to be doing.

Yes, exactly. I have nothing better to do. I already have a newer/better burner for my own system but would like to put the HP in my young daughter’s system rather than buy a new one unnecessarily. It may be a dinosaur but it has always worked well and I don’t see a huge advantage in faster burning times… 8x/4x is just fine for my daughter who doesn’t have a whole lot to burn. Does that explain it? I’ll give the spindle a close look. Thanks.

There are many more advantages to newer drives than speed. In fact speed is the least of the advantages.
But have fun. :wink:

Fair enough, you send me the $30 and I’ll buy one :slight_smile: