How important is software to burn?

Just wondering?
How important is the choice of software used for burning in the scheme of things?
Will different software produce different quality burns and if so which program produces the best burns?
I have always used CloneDVD mainly because of ease of use and the fact that it does such a good job.

Burning software does seem to have an effect on the burn result. CloneDVD2 does an excellent job and is very hard to beat.

I’ve also found that the software used can make as significant difference to the result, particularly with cheap -R media with my Litey 832S.

By way of example-

  1. I’ve got a “bad” batch of Ritek G04s that can’t be burnt to produce a usuable disc at 4x with any software. They can be burnt ok at 2x with either nero or discjuggler but not with decrypter.

  2. I also have a a batch of Maxdata 8x -Rs (Gigastorage) which, again can’t be burnt to produce a usable disc at 8x. However, they can be burnt with very good results at 6x with discjuggler but not with either nero or decrypter (both of which fail miserably at 6x and which both produce inconsistent results with this media even at 4x).

I used CloneDVD2 to rip this movie and create an ISO file, but instead of burning it to disc using Clone I used DVD Decrypter instead.
It is the best burn I have ever got from RICOHJPNR02 and is almost as good as RICOHJPNR01.
Burned at MAX speed (8x). Tried 12x earlier (I read this media burns better at 12x) but ended up with errors.
Very interesting . . .

for the ps2 game GTA:SA, disc read error would appear when using decrypter. the disc read error problem does not occur when using alcohol

quality wise i allways found RecordNow to be best… and ONES now.

NERO is a pile of left out garbage!

For burning DVD Video I use any software based on the most recent Px burning engine - it produces quality DVD burns with enhanced compatibility !

For backups and regular DATA DVD I have no problem using NERO, but for DVD VIDEO NERO is bloody crap - it seems to screw around with yuor files…

I use for more than a year now the burning utility of TMPGEnc DVD Author for burning my dvd movies. It’s quality is excellent, it is very simple to use and has the advantage of allowing long text for dvd title. And it is from Prassi. The other software I use is DVD Decrypter - I have very good burns with it, too. For data dvds I use Nero.

nero is easy to use, sometimes…

But better results I obtain from DVDDecrypter with 128 Mb buffer and RecordNow…

I think it depends on how software manages buffer memory from RAM and from the recorder itself.