How important is being yourself to be successful?



In addition to RexHunt’s thread: How important is being yourself to be successful?

If you keep your own believes, opinions, principles and methods. Will you ever be successful then? Do you apply a role to get something done? Are we in fact not all role players of one big great game.


I’ll probably never reach the absolute top, but I’m always myself. : :slight_smile:

In the end I can look myself straight in the eyes. :iagree:


no i wouldn’t…being myself


I guess that depends on what kind of person you are and what kind of business you are working for.

I know (for example) that if I would be myself amonst other ppl in the ICT sector, I would not be very succesful. For various reasons… (I can’t stand many ppl in ICT, I know that many of my views are quite devious etc). I guess that being a person that thinks and does his work compliant to the “common standards” is the best way to success. Not that I like that…


I think its hallways important to know is appropriate to say around other people, for example if you are a very chatty person this wouldn’t hallways be appropriate in a very formal line of work. However I think it is important to still be as much of yourself as you can be. People instinctively don’t trust people who are “acting”. So I guess it is a balance.


I would never take a job or stay at a job were I was told to do anything unethical or illegal or even close to it. I would definitely stay myself, because after all the stuff I’ve put up with, all I’ve got left is my personal satisfaction of knowing I have a clear conscience at the end of each day.


Most important success to me is to be myself. :slight_smile:


I could never do anything that I don’t believe in. I couldn’t work in a church. I couldn’t sell top 40 music. I couldn’t do mechanics (because I don’t understand it).

I stick to my beliefs. If I were to do something that I see as unethical, I couldn’t look at myself at the end of the day without feeling guilty.


I totally disagree. I think you have to think and act different than other people to become succesful, afterall things that everyone can think about are more likely have been done already.

The problem is that ‘being different’ can be explained in so many ways, the trick is to be different in a positve way. I believe that becoming succesful can be achieved by creating as many opportunities as you can (be open to everyone), by being creative (think outside the box) and open minded (always be open to new ideas), by listening to other people (really listen, really understand what they are trying to say), by knowing yourself (your best and weak points) , by taking good care of yourself (food, sports), by having the ability to set aside your ego (so you don’t miss an opportunity simply because you don’t get the credits), by being as honest as possible (on the long run things will come out), by thinking long term (have a goal!), by being able to express yourself properly (don’t be harsh, long winded or lying) by being able to set the right priorities (so unimportant things are not in the way) and by having courage (but also have some fear, it’s healthy!).

Altough most of these things might sound obvious it’s very hard to learn many things e.g. courage is something that you will get over years by doing things and overcome fears, being to communicate properly is also something you have to learn by doing, taking good care of yourself requires good discipline, etc. etc. I only know a few people that have almost all of the points and they are pretty succesful (in this case meaning a good job). Of course we also need a bit of luck. You really can’t control much in life but you can create opportunities that give you a better chance on success.


Being true to yourself and not letting others dictate your destiny is best. It may not make you successful, but you’ll go to bed with less on your mind and sleep better. The world is full of obligations that one person can’t possibly fulfill. The truth always moves further away from you, if you search for it outside of yourself.


Oh sure… you are absolutely right about that. Thing is that (personal experience) that many ppl have a hard time to accept a view that differs from their own view. As you might know, many in the ICT bizz are somewhat less social types (and I spend many hours amongst such ppl). Now, often, when presenting a solution that is totally different from the standard, all that happens is that you are being laughed at. No matter how good the solution is; it’s still different from what they want to hear and often not accepted. Just like that.

Let me hand you an example. Some time ago, I was asked by a company to give them options to host their website. As they wanted a server located at the office, I made a chart with both Windows and Linux based solutions. Guess what: I was called an idiot (yes, that very word… an idiot) because I also presented a Linux based solution. Their opinion was that Linux is written by idiots, for idiots. Although I had some pretty convincing arguments that that really isn’t true, they kept their opinion.
So what’s the outcome of this incident? Some guys of the ICT department of that company think I am an idiot. That’s not good for bizz. I could have done it different of course; when I just had presented them a Windows based solutions, they would have valued me more than they do now (with all the consequences that come along).

I know this is just one example, but I find that this quite a common thing, at least in the ICT world. I don’t know if it has to do with the characteristics of many ICT workers (narrow minded), but I guess you’ll understand my opinion somewhat better. Some ppl are just so narrow minded (they only want to hear and have confirmed what they find and know) that being yourself/honest really doesn’t yield succes. And yes, I do have troubles with that, as I am quite an honest person myself and I just can’t stand naivity (yes I plead guilty).


It’s of no importance to be successful, unless we’re talking survival.


True, if you want to be a lone ranger for eternity.


What is successful? Does it mean being rich with money? Does it mean you are happy or content? Does it mean that others perceive you as having high status?
If you can achieve all you ever wanted to do then you have been gifted. Pity you’ll now have nothing better to do. :wink:



If you could really do that without using reflection, it actually is quite scary :eek: :bigsmile:


I was of cause thinking of “successful” in a general term, which I don’t care a s*** about, So if people don’t agree with me, It’s basically about molding people to believe they do, or convince them that I’m harmless.
Like most other people I need to interact with others, and I need solidarity in particular.


It’s not that often that we can see DoMiN8ToR post this long on subjects like this. :slight_smile:


He is a business man who tries to explain his opinions on the matter. :bow: I may not always agree with him, but i think he’s quite right on the subject. :iagree: I’m looking forward for more info. :bigsmile:


I can say this: Dee-ehn mentioned the ‘narrow-mindedness’ of people, those he presented a proposal on in both Windows and Linux. It was narrow-minded to call him an ‘idiot’ for offering the very thing businesses and people always clamor for: a choice. Unfortunately, I’ve found more and more people exactly that narrow-minded in today’s world, where truly ‘educated’ people (those open-minded souls that actively look for people with potential and consequently give them opportunities and chances for advancement) are now mainly the exception rather than the rule. As a consequence, there’s less chance for ‘success,’ as it largely depends on 1) other people looking for a motivated person; 2) an open-minded and truly ‘educated’ person in an important enough position to notice; 3) the willingness to train an employee, regardless of age or background.

In the US, there used to be tons of success stories–because there were true ‘entrepreneurs’ in business and other enterprises that were willing to train others and help make them ‘more valuable’–even if it meant those folks might move to another job in 5 or 10 years. Now, it’s absolutely awful: you have to have the exact experience for the job when you apply, or that’s grounds to toss your resume; there’s fewer employee benefits in US companies today; there’s far less employee support (used to be every company offered fully paid employee relocation, as that’s an easy write tax write off here and still is, but now they’re just too lazy to do it); there’s little or no on-the-job-training offered; then, you can pretty much be laid off or fired for any or even no reason. So, ‘success’ is much harder to attain today–even where you’re prepared, motivated, resourceful–because people aren’t looking for the most part; they are looking to spend the least money but get the most benefit for themselves and not share with the employee… It’s a lot more ‘unwelcoming world’ to potential employees than ever, and that I don’t see it improving…


Personally, I don’t approve of the methods of North Korean Kim Jung-Il and his family and their followers but I never felt my personal “success” would remove decade-old memories of misery and agony from my mind. Being anything other than myself will empty me instantly because I couldn’t ever think without radical and bloody thoughts since the first days of my life I can remember. So technologies, businesses, human relationships, and all the other things are just what I might be able to use for my own goals. I’m kind of romanticist in that I still believe I can make some money to invest in some kind of social, educational, political, and other sorts of institutions to use to change the system. I would have chosen military ways if I were in some other countries. They (some of the underground activist groups and individuals helped in part by intellectuals and overseas Koreans in Japan and US) didn’t have that much money at first to transform various student councils and labor unions to fight against dictators, pro-Japanese, pro-US, jaebols, and other groups. There was no other party that could have impacted the course of the country that efficiently. Many of them later became rich and powerful, some even becoming presidents and members of the national congress so “being yourself” was the most important factor for them to be successful. But their group drive wasn’t powerful enough to save them from corruption.