How impact resistant are blank dvd's?

I have never done this before but I guess it had to happen sooner or later. I’m taking the top off of a 50 pak of maxell 4x+r (ricohjpnr01) that happens to be temporarilly pearched on the top of my printer. So the top slides out of my hands, the bottom slides off the curved surface of the printer (what kind of a dumb ass would set them there). So half a dozen stayed in the lid and landed upsidedown and half a dozen stayed on the spindle and landed on the ground. The rest flew everwhere and since there are hard surfaces and shelves and the desk and computers and such everywhere they just bounced off of everything and went flying everywhere!!! All I can say is god damn that sucks!!! A few got obvious scratches and a few eve got gouged (I have ne idea by what).
Fucking wonderfull. I get to spend a few hours inspecting the disks for damage. So outside of visable damage, how well do blank dvd’s hold up to impact. I knoe that pollycarbonite is pretty tuff but I am more concerned about damage to the bonds between the layers. I really don’t want to trash a 50 pack of my favorite media!!!
Has any one had a similar experience and want to share the aftermath or does anybody have any insight to the impact durability of these disks before burning?
Any help or opinions would be very much appreciated!!!

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ok, don’t worry, be happy. use the discs when you need to. they’ll be fine…except those gouged ones…MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUahahahaha ! hilarious…can’t type anymore - the tears are blurring my vision

So much for being a ricohjpnr01 fan boy!!! I guess that I no longer can get guarenteed good burns and can no longer trust ricohjpnr01 (at least the pack that was determined to perform several acrobatic circus acts at once), fuckin waanebe acrobatic fuckinou want to be an acrobat, go join the circus, don’t just lay thier like a normal stable disk that has no desire to bounce off every thing in th fucking room disks!!!

The Fword is perhaps the most versatile word in the English language…but please don’t use it as often as it has purposes :wink:

I can understand your frustration. I guess the only thing you really can do is a good verification after your burn…to see if it is error free… (don’t know much about that though)

Sorry about all the fword. Its Namoh’s fault though. He got me drinkin sake bombs on top of the vodka over in the pub and then Marsz-=FX starts passing out x. Then Mr. Belvedere breaks out a bong and by that point I was doomed to be a gonner.
I guess thats what I’ll have to do. I have gotten to the point that I don’t kprobe ricohjpnr01’s very often anymore as they burn exelent every single time but I guess I’ll have to with this pack.

here, have some of mine

Lol, what did you drop those on to scratch them, a box of yellow crayons?

lol, no, i dropped the image into MSPAINT :wink: