How? IM furstrated

i bought a lite on 451S, ive been reading all weekend its monday today and i still cant figure out how to put a VCD movie which is 1.6gigs on a DVD+R which is 4.7gigs it says on this Maxell. please if someone can tell me i would greatly appriciate it.

CD Freaks has allot of good guides written up to help you.
Look here for your asnwer
For backing up full length DVD’s check here.

well after frustrations i got it to work here is how. the two files cd1 and cd1 were both in avi format, so i download mainconcept converted them to VCD both i also converted one to DVD to see the quality dif between VCD and DVD nothin much only that dvd is about 2.6gigs bigger :slight_smile: so once i had the two VCD’s i loaded them up in TMPGENC dvd author made the menu and it convert the stuff and made a Dvd Folder with the VOB files and for both the files it took about 30min with tmpgenc and another 30min for mainconecpt to go from avi to mpeg. once it made the folder i tried burning it with TMPGENC author it said it was missing some Video Ts folder but it was there so i launched Nero 6 and went to dvd loading the video ts files all was about 1.6gigs and it fit on the dvdr 2cd movie. i tried it on the dvd player and its awsome. i think i see light at the end of this dvdrw tunnel :slight_smile: