How (if at all) to improve PI errors of Ritek G05?

I was given a big batch of Ritek G05 - I didn’t buy them :disagree:, and while the over all quality isn’t too bad. The PIE are in the millions compared to my normal brand of MCC003 which give me a few thousand. Is there anyway to improve the PI errors?

First scan is off G05 then MCC003 both with WOPC on and SB on.

Lookie HERE :slight_smile:

Hey Wam7. When you save your images in cd-speed just click the floppy disc icon in the top right of the cd-speed window, save them as PNG Not Jpg! PNG will give a smaller size and excellent quality, your images are ugly.

Also when you post another image upload it to CD-Freaks by using the ‘manage attachments’ button when you post.

RitekG05 discs are known to be variable in quality, i can have some burn really well, and others are totally unreadable. Its all about luck with ritek.

With some g05 discs i found that if they were a bad batch you could reduce the number pie errors by burning them at 4x.
Here are 2 examples the first was burnt at 8x the second at 4x both DW1640 burns

Thanks for the advice, that’s the first time a portion of my post has been referred to as ugly! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. I will try the changing the write and strategy see what kind of improvement I get. Did you use TYG03 or Yuden T03? In that post Q said TYG03 is for -R which is what I have.

This is using the TY G03 write stategy WOPC and SB are on…

If you enable both SB options you’re not using TYG03 strat but SB strat. You got to disable SB for known media for the strat swap to work. With that said, I don’t think I would trust those discs… there’s only so much you can do tweaking settings. Scan them often to make sure they don’t deteriorate.


This is one with SB off and WOPC off. It’s getting worse, perhaps I should have left WOPC on. Ah nevermind as I tend to agree that there’s only so much tweaking you can do with disks. I will be checking them in a few months as I used them to store a lot of stuff I needed to back up.

I was going to try BSMB but I’ll wait a while for the dust to settle first. :slight_smile:

try firmware BEFB on your DW1640. THat cut my PIE down in half, approximately. The last G05 I burnt was a QS 99, avg PIE of 12.

EDIT: always burned @ 8x, that seems to give best results with my G05.

The absolute BEST way to cut down the PIE is to forget about Ritek and use TY instead. When my G05 are gone I will not buy anything but TY ever again.

Hmm, BEFB eh? Didn’t think about that but it’s worth a shot. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, as soon as this batch of G05 is done I’ll be back to my normal MCC003. Can’t quite get myself to pay 45p/disk for TY over my present 20p when MCC003 is giving me some very good burns.