How I used EASY CD CREATOR 5/upgrade

I used easy cd creator 5 and did the following:
click on file then click on Cd project properties
Then select file system ISO 9660 “which is nero’s default data disc format”
then in area that says volume label put "Mediatek"the disc’s name…
Then under physical format of CD select Mode 1.
Then selcet “save this as default” because you’ll be burning at least two disc’s. Worked fine.

I used a cd-rom disk --what’s the advantage of using cd-rw. I don’t think the machine backs up old firmware to it anyway.

Liteon’s web site calls for a CD-RW. I felt that they must have a reason in saying so, so that’s what I used.

The only advantage I would see to a CDRW is it can be wiped instead of becoming a coster should the upgrade fail although you can use the full CDr(700mbs) and just add to the disk as a new session e.g on the page after you press record you get the option to finalise the session or the disk (easy cd usually picks finalise session and not disk as default) the drive can read multi session disks (since it write multisession ) so you can use till full wipe and use again.